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FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

Airdorf Games, New Blood Interactive
Oct 21, 2022 - PC
Slant Magazine
4.5 / 5
8.5 / 10
9 / 10
Hey Poor Player
4.5 / 5
85 / 100
4 / 5
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FAITH: The Unholy Trinity Trailers

FAITH: Chapter III Teaser Trailer (September 21st) thumbnail

FAITH: Chapter III Teaser Trailer (September 21st)

FAITH: The UNHOLY TRINITY Announcement Trailer | Chapter III Demo Out Now! thumbnail

FAITH: The UNHOLY TRINITY Announcement Trailer | Chapter III Demo Out Now!

FAITH - Pixel Horror Indie Game Teaser Trailer thumbnail

FAITH - Pixel Horror Indie Game Teaser Trailer

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Critic Reviews for FAITH: The Unholy Trinity

Faith’s visual and mechanical variety, as well as its one-button simplicity, helps obscure whatever rules it operates by. Sometimes the “save” function briefly changes, and sometimes a pivotal moment takes place from the ordinary overhead camera view rather than in the elaborate rotoscoped cutscenes, just to keep you on your toes. Faith’s masterful sense of timing and mood create a truly rare feeling of persistent uncertainty where anything can happen. The game manages to be frightening because of its technical constraints rather than in spite of them.

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This unsettling adventure is one of the most engrossing horror games in recent memory, despite the restrained visuals. Subtle sound design and a small but strong soundtrack as well as creepy rotoscoped scenes up the scary factor tenfold.

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After my initial confusion on the first couple of screens on Faith: Chapter One, I buckled down and embraced the game for all its tension and world-building and found that I couldn't get enough of it. Even while writing this review I'm itching to go back and go through the trinity again to pick at its bones and just get more from it. I want to challenge myself and uncover everything Faith: The Unholy Trinity has to offer. Be it the spooky season or the resurgence of the horror genre but something about Faith: The Unholy Trinity just clicked. If you have a passion for the macabre, you need to play this game. Just have a Bible and a priest handy.

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With its numerous endings to uncover and pixel-perfect production values, Faith is one of the most unique and exciting games I’ve played in years. And now that the trilogy is available in one gloriously gory package, there’s never been a better time to take up the cross and see what all the shrieking incantations are about. Faith: The Unholy Trinity is a masterpiece in minimalist horror that no fan of the genre should miss.

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Can a game with less than ten colors on the screen, rusty can sound, and on top of that, being played with a simple action button, be not only an excellent adventure, but also a very accomplished horror game? OF COURSE! FAITH: The Unholy Trinity is a pleasant and even unexpected surprise due to the values ​​it manages to achieve with its apparent simplicity, which is not such, because there is a well-cared job in its three chapters and multiple endings of each one. A trilogy that has been launched over the course of a few years, and that in this 2022 appears compiled in this unholy trinity. The story of a priest whose faith is shaken, a man struggling against the darkness around him and his mortal and doubting soul. And this in a fascinating game where its multiple endings and replays of its three chapters only add layers and interpretations.

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After all these years, the final chapter of Faith turned out to be worth the wait, and with all three chapters bundled in the Unholy Trinity release, there’s never been a better time to play. The dangerous world of Faith requires some patience, but the unsettling atmosphere and intense demonic encounters make it worthwhile for anyone who loves the horror genre.

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