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Dread Templar

Fulqrum Publishing, T19 Games
Jan 26, 2023 - PC

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Dread Templar - Realms Deep 2022 Trailer

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Dread Templar - Official Early Access Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Dread Templar

Slightly above average or simply inoffensive. Fans of the genre should enjoy them a bit, but a fair few will be left unfulfilled.

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There have been quite a few boomer shooters in these last few years and to be honest, Dread Templar is not the best of them, falling just a tiny bit short of the likes of Dusk, Amid Evil or Prodeus, but it's still funny and entertaining, especially if you're looking for a classic FPS experience.

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With a load of fun weapons to use and frontloaded with creative levels, Dread Templar is a game with a few flaws -- like its relatively repetitive final two acts -- but nothing that detracts from having an action-packed, bloody good time.

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Dread Templar pays a rocking homage to the classics of the FPS genre, delivering an experience made of pure adrenaline and nostalgia.

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Dread Templar is a good example of a solid boomer shooter. It's fast, the enemies are dumb yet formidable, and the level design begs for exploration. The upgrade system is quite nice but doesn't show off its capabilities until you get further into the game. Weapon types are fine until you get them really powered up. While some things are a bit unfair, with explosions reaching far beyond their intended range and enemies refusing to drop ammo, Dread Templar remains an adrenaline-pumping experience that you'll return to - as long as you aren't expecting anything revolutionary.

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I liked my time with Dread Templar, especially when the game took off and began to offer a challenge on par with the best exponents of the young retro FPS subgenre. On the other hand, I think it needed a bit of work to really stand out, perhaps by handling the upgrade system or the boss battles in a different way. In any case, Dread Templar is a good game that understands the classic fundamentals of the genre and contains adrenaline-pumping moments in polished and emotional combat.

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Dread Templar is a game for hardcore FPS fans looking to return to the pinnacle of fast-paced shooters. It's a treat for old and new fans alike, with tons of variety in weapons, enemies, and environments. The story is a bit lacking, but the game makes up for it with practically everything else.

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The mishmash between retro aesthetics and modern quality of life improvements creates a game that doesn’t innovate at all, but never needed to. Dread Templar is a stellar retro shooter that shines with its fast-paced gameplay and utterly stellar level design, with most of its issues being minute things such as poor (but very occasional) voice acting and some bizarre key mapping.

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