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Phantom Brigade

Brace Yourself Games
Feb 28, 2023 - PC

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68 / 100
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7 / 10
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Phantom Brigade Trailers

Phantom Brigade 1.0 Launch Trailer thumbnail

Phantom Brigade 1.0 Launch Trailer

Phantom Brigade 1.0 Launches on February 28, 2023! thumbnail

Phantom Brigade 1.0 Launches on February 28, 2023!

Phantom Brigade - Gameplay Trailer thumbnail

Phantom Brigade - Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Phantom Brigade

An exciting concept begging for structural refinements and more meat on its robot bones.

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No Recommendation / Blank

Mixing Into the Breach with Frozen Synapse makes for an inevitably strong core of mech combat, but the rest of Phantom Brigade is underwhelming.

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Phantom Brigade is great fun, but not for the length of time you're expected to be playing it. Any long-term engagement is hampered by a lack of variety.

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Phantom Brigade does one thing really well that sets it apart, but that one thing is all it has going for it.

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Phantom Brigade has a strong sense of scale and great core gameplay. Despite being held back by a cumbersome UI, it's still a fun addition to the tactical RPG genre.

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Satisfying and spectacular mech fights, let down but thankfully not sunk by frictious menus and a mediocre strategy layer.

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I’d be able to forgive these UI foibles if they contributed to a cohesive thematic style. The busy interface of a game like Highfleet appears even more inscrutable than Phantom Brigade, but it funnels its droves of information into a gorgeously intricate cockpit UI. The sliding gray menus of Phantom Brigade, on the other hand, are bland and indistinct. The bare-bones story and setting, with their anonymous blue and red factions, could very well pass for a placeholder. The game’s unique command system manages to capture what is so intrinsically awe-inspiring about giant, fickle robots battling other giant, fickle robots — but the surrounding framework lacks the same refinement and clarity of purpose.

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