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Have a Nice Death

Magic Design Studios, Gearbox Publishing
Mar 22, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Have a Nice Death

Have a Nice Death is a punishing but satisfying roguelike with some extremely tough boss fights, but it could be a bit less stingy with long-term progression.

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Have a Nice Death has enough of a fun gameplay loop and feels rewarding enough that I enjoyed returning for repeat runs. There are a few things that didn't quite work, like the more repetitive level design, some of the confusing stat numbers, and some of the repetitive humor, but Magic Design Studios has still put together a compelling roguelike. The combat is buttery smooth, the art style manages to be vibrant while retaining a dreary color scheme, and there are enough secrets to keep players engaged for the long haul. It might not be Employee of the Month when it comes to roguelikes, but Have a Nice Death is strong enough to warrant a positive employee evaluation.

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A 2D action roguelite that offers plenty of fun combat encounters and also boasts a truly beautiful and inspired art direction that makes every moment spent in a game a joy to watch (and play). It's not without flaws, though, especially when it comes to its pacing and progression, and while combat is generally quite fun, many of the special abilities and spells are not really well balanced, which can sometimes make you feel like you rely a bit too much on the RNG factor to have a good run.

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Have a Nice Death is a fantastic action Roguelike, with silky smooth combat and a ton of upgrades to experiment with.

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Have a Nice Death is a gorgeous, weapon-filled adventure that could slice and dice its way to the top of the roguelike genre. Its almost ‘cutesy’ nature plays well against the sometimes dark themes it contains, but the vast array of weapon and spell combinations will be what draws and then keeps players within the walls of Death Inc. It has the rare ability to be enjoyable for both the high-difficulty, build-crafting RNG fans and the more casual crowd. Players will delight with its sublime art, memorable fights, and its well-crafted, lore-filled world. If someone has to be Death, Have a Nice Death is going to make it enjoyable.

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Despite having some of the best combat I have seen in a 2D game and loving the dark and dreary art style I just couldn’t vibe with Have a Nice Death the same way I have with other games in the genre like Hades. While there are a few weapons to try and some combos to create with curses, It just never reached the same heights as the latter did for me. I will say that the writing here is top notch, and the commentary on display whether on purpose or not was genuinely funny. While I may not have loved this game personally, I do think there is a lot here for others to love not the least of which is the jingle that plays when Death spawns back in his office after having to RIP (Rest In Paperwork).

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Have a Nice Death is a beautiful example of rogue-lite. Fast, beautiful to look at and fun to play with. Furthermore, with his dark humour, he touches on delicate issues such as crunch, burnout and the problems of a society focused too much on work and little on the person. Have a Nice Death is a must-have for both those looking for a challenge and for those who want something light to play in their breaks and want to enjoy some nice animation.

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Once again, we come to the important question: is this roguelike worth your time? That depends. Fans of the genre will appreciate the challenge level, the smooth combat, and the robust skill selection. Newcomers and outsiders will love the unique aesthetic and the high level of polish. On the other hand, this game is proper tough. If that’s what you’re looking for, great! You’re in luck. If you’ve been softened and spoiled by other, more considerate roguelikes, then consider yourself duly warned. Have A Nice Death is a slick, relentless roguelike with all the charm and challenge you could need.

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