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Wall World

Alawar Premium
Apr 5, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Wall World

If you're not put off by an initial slow start and can get through the first few levels of upgrades, Wall World does become pretty enjoyable.

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Wall World is a Dome Keeper clone, but it's a fundamentally bad one. Its progression system makes little to no sense, as the success of a run is almost exclusively linked to the acquisition of random upgrades. Ultimately, Wall World is a game that doesn't respect the players' time.

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Wall World offers a competent mix of ideas. Mining is pretty boring but combat sequences are exciting and tense, with a big ramp-up when the boss shows up. The rogue-lite structure works but the prices on most things are high enough that pure grinding is required.

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Wall World is a great roguelite with an interesting concept that keeps you engaged with constant upgrades, ever-changing options, and an addicting gameplay loop.

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Wall World is a challenging roguelite with superb gameplay. Mining through varied and engaging environments is satisfying and pushes players to find out what's just beyond the next layer. Procedurally generated levels and a vast range of upgrades keep each run feeling fresh, enhancing the robospider to inch closer and closer to the end. However, that end doesn't meet expectations and annoyingly relies on luck for a few elements to align. Still, Wall World is a fulfilling mining-crawler with an addicting gameplay loop.

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I had to do a double take with the price of Wall World. For just over the price of a posh coffee, you’re getting one heck of a gaming deal here. Not only does this feel like something different, but so many aspects of the game’s design and presentation just clicked. I loved the pixel art and mysterious lore surrounding the game. The mix of chilled mining with tense enemy encounters always made each run quite the thrill. To top it all off, you are riding around in a mechanical spider. Possibly the only reason to avoid it is if you are utterly sick of this genre. Otherwise, this is a wall well worth scaling.

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Wall World is a charming Roguelike with a unique setting and an interesting amalgamation of mechanics. Surprisingly, the game can be incredibly relaxing, while balancing the tension of constant monster attacks in a hostile, but beautiful, environment.

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"Wall World" is a prime example of metaprogression done right. It doesn't drags the experience, quite the contrary, it enriches it. Along with a extremely satisfying exploration and combat, "Wall World" is sure to keep you busy and coming back for more.

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