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Dungeon Drafters

Manalith Studios, DANGEN Entertainment
Apr 27, 2023 - PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for Dungeon Drafters

Never before have I seen such fantastic customization and nuance mired by narrow quest and battle design.

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Dungeon Drafters delivers on its core concept of mixing turn-based tactics with card play. It takes a little time to get going and get a clear idea of how to modify the deck and what kind of cards are best suited to a particular strategy. But there’s a wide variety of approaches and the tactical puzzles are fun and challenging.

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Dungeon Drafters is sure to appeal to fans of RPGs and deck-building card games. With a fun grid-type battle mechanic, tons of cards/spells to collect, and different classes to use, this game will keep you busy for a long time!

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Dungeon Drafters mixes dungeon crawling and card mechanics and succeeds despite its familiar premise. For me, it took a while for the game to click. I was probably about ten runs deep before I decided I really liked what it was doing. Even if you’re new, don’t let the barrier to entry put you off. Dungeon Drafters provides some friendly reminders of its gameplay should you need a refresher, making it a welcoming experience for all audiences. The mechanics are deep, providing the player plenty of flexibility to go at a pace that suits them. If it does click, you’ll likely find this title will keep you busy for months, if not years, to come. Don’t let this dungeon draft by, sorry I’ll leave now.

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A great title that knows how to combine elements of strategy with card-based combat, lots of customization and decision making.

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Dungeon Drafters merges good ideas into a remarkable deck-building roguelike. Tactical combat is its biggest highlight because of the countless possibilities, combos and synergies provided by the magic cards. Besides that, each dungeon has a different rhythm with its different enemies and traps, which adds variety to the runs. The challenge is high, with constant defeat. This is part of the game cycle, as the intent is to learn from mistakes, make adjustments, and try again. However, some negative points hinder the experience, such as unintuitive terms and interface, little room for errors and an overall somewhat slow pace. In the end, it's worth taking on the creative tactical challenges of Dungeon Drafters. You just need to be willing to dedicate yourself to move forward.

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While the dungeon crawl, card mechanics, and nice pixel art would’ve been the trifecta to make this game stand out, Dungeon Drafter’s controls and design fail to make it as enjoyable as it should be.

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

Overall, Dungeon Drafters is a unique and engaging game combining deckbuilding and crawling. If you’re a fan of strategy games, deck-building games and/or rogue-lite games

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