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Summum Aeterna

Aeternum Game Studios S.L , Aeternum Game Studios S.L
Sep 14, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

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8 / 10
IGN Spain
8 / 10
God is a Geek
7 / 10
Generación Xbox
78 / 100
Nintendo Life
7 / 10
5 / 10
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8.5 / 10
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7 / 10
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Summum Aeterna — Goes Gold Trailer | Roguelite

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Summum Aeterna – Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Summum Aeterna

The exoskeleton of Aeterna Noctis solidifies a roguelite that, without a doubt, comes to reaffirm that the spanish videogame development industry is already of global quality. Despite essential limitations that take it away from greatness, Summum Aeterna boasts hundreds of hours of entertainment for those who are willing to be absorbed by its demanding universe, thus becoming a respectable representative of a genre full of titans.

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Summum Aeterna is a fantastic action roguelite. Demanding, frenetic and tremendously fun, it hides inside a great capacity for customization of the experience and many hours of fun.

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Summum Aeterna is a decent roguelike adventure with a great aesthetic and superb music, but its gameplay loop and protagonist left me a little cold.

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Summum Aeterna turns out to be that kind of video games that want to cover several things but something ends up escaping them. On this occasion, the Achilles heel of the game is its way of presenting random scenarios, which is fundamental in a roguelike and that here they have not managed to specify because of a somewhat controversial combination. But the positive thing does not escape him either, and that is that the variety of things to do and improve, the progression system and everything that involves the gameplay is quite good.

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Launch instability issues aside, it may be a bit derivative, but Summum Aeterna ultimately ticks enough boxes to be worth your while. Smooth combat, tough difficulty, and an interesting seed system all come together to make this one worth investigating.

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Summum Aeterna has some intriguing ideas, bogged down by unoriginality and unsatisfying combat.

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Summum Aeterna takes a difficult Metroidvania and converts the basic ideas and characters to a roguelike. The result is a lot of fun, somehow managing to capture the best parts of the original game in a more digestible chunk. It isn't necessarily going to win you over if you dislike roguelike titles, but if you were a fan of Noctis, you must try Summum, which has all the makings of a perfect gateway drug to roguelikes.

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Summum Aeterna is yet another proof that mixing metroidvania and roguelite mechanics works when it's done well. The many surprises and agile, addicting combat system are fun and compensate for the blunders in the story and the absence of difficulty options (almost ironic considering the matches' customization). Thinking about its potential, it's a shame the title isn't in its better version on Switch and even face bizarre bugs such as the idiom change. I hope future patches fix these issues. Maybe this way the King of Darkness will be able to actually reign among the fellow members of the genre on the Nintendo system.

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