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Sword Art Online: Lost Song

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Based on 27 critic reviews
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Available on:PlayStation 4Nov 17, 2015

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

Genre: RPG

Journey into the world of ALfheim Online for the very first time! Join Kirito as he ventures online to explore Svart Alfheim, a brand-new area of ALfheim Online, the floating world is comprised of continents led by The Floating City of Ryne. This original storyline includes new and returning characters and exclusive environments in the ultimate Virtual Reality universe! Sword Art Online: Lost Song features all-new Aerial Battles and plenty of customization features. Link Start into the Sword Art Online world and join your favorite dual-wielding player, Kirito, on the greatest adventure yet!

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Sword Art Online: Lost Song - PS4/PS Vita - Take flight for adventure! (English Trailer) thumbnail

Sword Art Online: Lost Song - PS4/PS Vita - Take flight for adventure! (English Trailer)

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6 / 10.0

Repetitive combat, recycled enemies, and a boring story prevent this action RPG from taking off.

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Game Revolution

Game Revolution

In summation, fans of the series will come for the single-player story, but they'll stay for the online multiplayer goodness. Conversely, gamers like myself who aren't familiar with SAO will find Sword Art Online: Lost Song to be just another lackluster MMO based on a popular animé.

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6 / 10.0
Josh Tolentino

Unfortunately, Lost Song stumbles hardest when trying to engage players outside that sphere of pre-existing investment, and in some ways ends up an even less suitable jumping-off point for newbies who want to get in on enjoying the franchise. My advice to those folks would be to watch the anime or try out Hollow Fragment first. If they're still jonesing for some more of this motley crew of irredeemable MMO nerds when they're done, then Lost Song will be music to their ears.

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6 / 10
Dominic Leighton

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is not a bad title, it's simply an average one. Fans of the anime will be well served by it's gentle adventuring and light tone, and the combat may attract those who enjoy the Musou games, but the likelihood will be that it's not likely to be an experience you'll remember in a few months time.

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