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Pastagames, Devolver Digital
Nov 14, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch

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IGN Italy
7.8 / 10
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9.5 / 10
PC Invasion
8 / 10
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7 / 10
8 / 10
Press Start
7 / 10
10 / 10
PSX Brasil
70 / 100
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Critic Reviews for KarmaZoo

KarmaZoo is a cooperative platformer that manages to entertain in its simplicity and fun, allowing up to ten players to join forces to overcome a series of procedurally generated levels. The rich roster of characters is one of the strengths of the new game experience made by Pastagames, which is characterized by problems related to a game structure that may bore you after a few hours of play.

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Karmazoo is a wonderful cooperative puzzler that encourages wordless teamwork in a way that should lead to chaos but instead results in elegant simplicity - most of the time. With its cute sense of humor and even cuter character designs, there’s a huge amount of appeal in simply unlocking and trying new characters, of which there are many. A game about being polite to strangers is as twee as it sounds, and it’s a tweeness I’m absolutely here for.

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KarmaZoo is a lovely co-op adventure that has some outstanding visuals, alongside tremendous platforming. But it may get repetitive fast due to a lack of game modes.

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All that said, KarmaZoo gets a lot more right than it doesn't. Ultimately, it succeeds in delivering a simple but fun experience, and its clever design means players behave positively and altruistically. If you're looking for an online game with good vibes and friendly co-op, this is it.

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Colorful, lively, fun: KarmaZoo turned out to be a pleasant surprise that, although not rich in content, will make your gaming sessions enjoyable and relaxing. The project's ambitions, while contained, are fully fulfilled in simple yet functional gameplay, which is also why we hope to see an expansion of the experience with future updates.

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KarmaZoo is a charming and cute platformer that places co-operation and togetherness at the forefront of an experience that, without a keen community, could be a fleeting one. And that'd be a shame, because both Loop and Totem serve up an undeniably fun way to stay on the universe's right side.

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KarmaZoo is such a fun approach to online multiplayer games, that rewards you for being a good teammate. With great characters, the KarmaPass, and gameplay, you must play this!

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KarmaZoo has a proposal that in practice only works by playing with friends. It's almost impossible to complete and have fun with randoms. In the end, it's an interesting platform game, with a unique concept, but honestly it's only worth playing with acquaintances.

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