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Feb 15, 2024 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One

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GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle - Official Premier Trailer

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Critic Reviews for GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle

While a bit light on content, GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle pulls from the greatest rhythm games to create something worthy of The Azure Striker. For those who can’t get enough idols - or catchy bops - this title is all too happy to make sure one’s concert is a big success.

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I thoroughly enjoyed GUNVOLT RECORDS: Cychronicle and if you're a fan of the series like I am, you'll love every moment of it.

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The gameplay and note charts are serviceable enough, while its pop songs feel monotonous to listen to over time. At the very least, the game’s price tag and rough playtime of 3 hours seems appropriate from what I’ve played. And it made me want to play the other two mothership Gunvolt games out of curiosity. So mission accomplished with the cross-promotion idea, I guess. Unless you’re a diehard Inti Creates fan or a rhythm game fan who tapped out of other games like Spin Rhythm XD and needs some of that indie anime flavour, it’s a little tough to recommend this niche entry to everyone else.

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GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle offer a captivating experience for fans of the Gunvolt series, delivering a unique opportunity to dive into the musical atmosphere of the franchise's universe. Even though it's a niche title, it's a fun way to revisit the series or just experience a brand new quality rhythm title.

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Gunvolt Records: Cychronicle is a rhythmic walk across memory lane. Because of the generally low amounts of content on offer, I would say that this game is best enjoyed by Gunvolt fans rather than general rhythm game players. With gratifying and intense rhythm gameplay coupled with a loving look into the series’ history up to this point, it can satisfy the cravings of diehard fans quite easily. At its best, it serves as a good reminder of why I liked the series to begin with. Meanwhile, at its worst, it's still a perfectly decent rhythm game that falls short on things to see and do. Inti Creates’ first foray into the rhythm game genre gets a thumbs up from me.

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Gunvolt Records Cychronicle works great for what it is: a spin-off game with fanservice to Gunvolt fans, the game including CD versions of the series’ songs and all. But it’s also a fun rhythm game for anyone to pick up and play—it might even be convincing enough for new players to check out INTI’s catalogue of fun action platformers like the Gunvolt series.

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GUNVOLT RECORDS: Cychronicle feels like a budget title that samples a handful of notable Gunvolt series tracks, but I wish there was more to it.

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I had an absolute blast playing GUNVOLT RECORDS Cychronicle for this review. Not only does it feature fantastic artwork and a variety of pumping tunes to enjoy, but there’s plenty of challenge for all gamers. Plus, if I know Inti Creates, they’ll find a way to totally outdo themselves in any future musical adventures. So, if you love the Gunvolt series and want a refreshing change of pace, this is absolutely the game for you.

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