Guns Up!

Sony, Valkyrie Entertainment
Dec 5, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Guns Up!

Okay, that's a lie. The only real incentive I had to continue on after I had seen everything the game had to offer in the first 30 minutes or so was the fact that I foolishly volunteered to review it. Guns Up! is a dull game. It's repetitive, it's tedious, it's digital Ambien. If the thought of a console version of Clash of Clans excites you, you'll probably have a blast with Guns Up! Me, I can't wait to delete this off my PS4.

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I find it ironic that the PS Vita version of Guns Up! was canceled because that's the ideal platform for this military title. It's a fun game for short bursts, but there's nothing here that will make anyone long to play it, or even think of it for that matter, when they're not home. Hopefully, the developers will add more content to increase the variety and keep it interesting.

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Guns Up! is a fun game in short bursts. The setting up of soldiers and perks before an assault is easy to understand and do, with the action never being too long to get to. It looks and sounds decent too, but Guns Up! doesn't quite meet its full potential. There needs to be more options available for when selecting which base to attack, also boredom due to repetition sinks in over longer play sessions. Guns Up! is a free to play title and there is no harm in checking it out though. It is one of those games that you can have a quick session on, and with that in mind Guns Up! is worth a go.

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If you're into base defense/base invasion games then you should give Valkyrie Entertainment's Guns Up! a shot. The game's free-to-play model is fair and there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more and more action-packed warfare, as long as you pace yourself.

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Guns Up! will look familiar to a lot of players through its similarities to Clash of Clans. But, it has enough going for it to be unique and enjoyable. It is vastly more interactive than a lot of asynchronous multiplayer offerings that have proliferated on mobile, and it successfully brings some of the accessibility and simplicity of mobile games to the PS4 console.

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Guns Up! is devilishly addictive and provides a seriously fun formula of mutually beneficial attack and defence tactics. It's initially intimidating economy only works to give the game depth once you've completed the enlightening tutorial, leaving you with a constant desire to progress and improve both your settlement and your garrison of units. All the above is unsettlingly blighted by an ever-present need to fork out real cash or face the reality of dampening the enjoyment by grinding for hours. It's a necessary evil in the free-to-play genre that's simply too overbearing here to fully accept or ignore.

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Guns Up! isn't terrible. In fact, were it not for the technical issues, checking it out would be a no-brainer.

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