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We Are the Dwarves

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Available on:PlayStation 4Mar 28, 2017
Xbox OneFeb 23, 2017
PCFeb 26, 2016

Developer: Whale Rock Games

Genres: Adventure, RPG, Strategy

The Dwarven stars are slowly dying-- putting the race at the edge of extinction. Deliverance is poised upon three Dwarven astronauts who are sent on an expedition to find a new star in the depths of the Endless Stone. Take control of Forcer, Smashfist, and Shadow as they explore the unknown territories of the stone universe while meeting new civilizations and ancient monsters from the deep layers of space.

We Are The Dwarves is an action-based tactical adventure with active pause (extreme slowdown of time) placing you in control of three Dwarven astronauts. Forcer is capable of ranged destruction, and timely set-up exectution. Smashfist, a brute at heart, gets up close and personal with rage worth avoiding. Shadow stays just where you'd expect him to, launching deadly successive assassinations and precision archery from afar. As a trio, combine each dwarfs attack styles into orchestrated destruction against your foe.

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4 / 10

We are the Dwarves had all chances for success thanks to an interesting idea, but a unique game world was buried under a pile of numerous problems. A constant struggle with the controls on Xbox One and strange game design decisions did not give a slightest chance of tactical mechanics to prove themself. Jerky picture and low framerate do not add positive impressions and quickly become tiring. We can only rely on a big update that will fix all the technical issues, or try the PC version. Until then, the console version can be safely ignored.

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72 / 100

It is wonderfully atmospheric, with the darkness of its caves contrasted with its artfully selective use of light, and the beautiful colour palettes of each level.

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4 / 10.0

If you are interested in We are the Dwarves - just avoid console version and give it a shot on PC. Poor controls, lot of spelling errors and awful graphics - it's not something worth that price.

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8 / 10

We Are The Dwarves is a brutally difficult tactical action game with some RPG elements thrown in for good measure. Learning the best way to utilize each of the dwarves' talents is the key to advancing in the game. The isometric perspective provides clear sightlines of the action, but I found controlling multiple dwarves much more difficult than controlling a single dwarf. With more characters on screen, things start to become more hectic, but in a way, the game relishes in the ensuing chaos.

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