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1979 Revolution: Black Friday

iNK Stories
Apr 5, 2016 - PC

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8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday


8 / 10.0

Despite some inconsequential decision-making and visual roughness, the amount of heart, character, and unflinching honesty in 1979 Revolution’s short two-hour tale is impressive. As an Iranian-American myself, it’s incredibly refreshing to not only see this subject matter explored, but done so in a smart and sensitive way that succeeds in educating as much as entertaining.

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1979 Revolution's rough edges don't obscure its ambition in a worthwhile, enlightening narrative adventure.

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Though rough in places, Revolution is an absorbing thriller that asks you to make tough choices and stand for something

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By pushing for change in a slightly messy way, the game fittingly embodies its revolutionary namesake in a way that will hopefully encourage others to follow suit and improve upon what it has started.

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Ink Stories should be congratulated on their tackling of a much misunderstood historical event and doing so with such accuracy, clarity and impartiality. However, with a glut of gameplay issues and a short game length that prevents the opportunity to explore some interesting ideas further, there's far too much incentive to give 1979 Revolution: Black Friday a miss. This is best viewed as an educational tool, rather than a satisfying interactive experience in its own right.

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Ink Stories' historical interactive drama recreates one of the most important events of the second half of the 20th century without choosing sides

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday tells the story of the Iranian Revolution in the year within the title. It’s a beautiful, heart-wrenching story that makes you quickly fall for every character on screen. The lack of polish and occasional technical frustrations hamper its impact at times, but the message is still loud and clear. This isn’t about crafting some experience you’re going to sink one hundred hours into; it’s about expanding your horizons and learning about some truly important people.

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A brave and inspiring work that provides an evocative window into a world-shaping historical event, what 1979 Revolution: Black Friday lacks in audiovisual presentation it more than makes up for with sheer guts, heart and that most rarest of things - a soul.

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