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505 Games, threeonezero
Mar 28, 2016 - Meta Quest

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7 / 10
PC Gamer
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Metro GameCentral
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8 / 10
Digital Chumps
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Critic Reviews for ADR1FT (VR)

Adr1ft doesn't pioneer any new types of gameplay with VR, which is a shame because it desperately needs some variety in that area. However, it does benefit greatly from blocking off the rest of the world, creating a feeling of isolation that aligns with what your character is experiencing. Floating out over the Earth and looking down from this perspective is truly impressive.

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Beautiful as you could ask for, especially in VR, but exhaustingly repetitive.

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Metro GameCentral

Unknown Author
5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

A great advert for Oculus Rift and VR in general, and yet even with the novelty of zero-G it proves a disappointingly bland gameplay experience.

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Clocking in at four hours or so, it doesn't overstay its welcome. I can also see jumping back into Adr1ft every so often to freak myself out again, or show it off to friends. So long as you have a stomach for it, this is one of the first "must-have" games for VR.

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ADR1FT is evocative, chilling, tense, and unlike anything I’ve ever played, even if it isn’t for everyone.

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In VR, ADR1FT is a compelling and amazing experience that I'm happy to recommend.

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ADR1FT makes you an astronaut and then, tries to kill you. Survive, find out what happened, and figure a way back to Earth.

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It makes me too sick, and because the underlying experience collapses from operatic space disaster into rinse and repeat all too soon, I am not minded to endure that awful lurching sensation. Despite that, some of my VR confidence has been restored. Maybe this thing can happen after all.

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