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Asdivine Hearts

Exe Create Inc., KEMCO
Feb 1, 2016 - Wii U, PC

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Critic Reviews for Asdivine Hearts

Content to iterate rather than innovate, Asdivine Hearts wears its inspirations on its sleeve both for better and for worse, delivering a decently enjoyable but ultimately uninspired JRPG experience.

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Asdivine Hearts is designed in a way to appeal to the nostalgia of 8 and 16-bit era RPG games and it does a competent job at that, with interesting characters, fun dialogues and long hours of gameplay for those dedicated enough. It doesn't stand out much further than that, though, as its plot feels rather uninspired and the whole visual atmosphere could have used some improvement.

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There are so many JRPGs to choose from that it would be easy to overlook Asdivine Hearts, but it is definitely worth a try. Although simple in terms of graphics and battle style, the game has strengths where needed with its story and humorous characters. There is plenty to do for those who take the time to complete all the quests, and the addition of features such as the rubix system and the trust bar allow Asdivine Hearts to be a little different. Plus, there's a God trapped inside a cat, and how often does that happen?

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At the end of the day though, I found Asdivine Hearts more or less okay. It does what it says on the tin and the game is competent enough to give it a go. There is nothing really outstanding about the game. The battle system and interactions are certainly fun, but I am unsure if most will be willing to sit through 20+ hours.

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Asdivine Hearts doesn't reinvent anything; far from it. But it takes the JRPG formula and balances the combat to perfection.

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Between the bland visuals, the uninspired soundtrack, the unoriginal characters and lacklustre plot, Asdivine Hearts offers nothing compelling to fans of the genre.

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Kemco produces JRPGs on a budget that are designed to give people a momentary throwback to the 16-bit era of the genre, and while I don't expect anything mind blowing when I do go into these games, I find things this soulless and unimaginative very, very trying indeed.

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Coming into Asdivine Hearts, I was cautiously optimistic due to my experiences with Antiquia Lost and Revenant Saga. I can honestly say that this game trumps both of them in all aspects, and is certainly worth the time of those individuals looking for an old-school JRPG that won’t take 50 hours to complete. It won’t be as memorable of a ride as the classic RPG titles we all know and love, but is a good enough experience to recommend at the price given you temper your expectations a bit.

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