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Dec 5, 2013 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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SteamWorld Dig - Nintendo 3DS Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for SteamWorld Dig

Despite its many and obvious influences this is an impressively unique vision that offers excellent value for money and one of the best surprises on the 3DS's eShop.

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It remains one of the best 3DS titles, and now takes its place among PlayStation's best too. It might not be an extremely lengthy affair, but when it comes to art direction, well paced gameplay, and a brilliant sense of exploration, SteamWorld remains king.

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SteamWorld Dig is the game that put Image & Form on the map for most people. It was my first experience with them and I loved it when I played it

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With a perfect mix of exploration and platforming, randomly generated maps, awesome upgrades and extremely addictive gameplay, SteamWorld Dig is a fantastic game, one that I highly recommend playing.

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With its catchy Wild West soundtrack and rustic good looks, SteamWorld Dig saunters onto PlayStation platforms with confidence. Its aesthetics will charm you, but it's the game's tight platforming and addictive sense of progression that allow it to mine its way into your heart. While we wish that Rusty's expedition lasted a little longer and didn't require quite as much backtracking, there are still plenty of reasons to sink your pickaxe into this little gem.

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Steamworld Dig is refreshing against many other ID@Xbox games because it feels like a fully realized concept with a well defined beginning, middle, and end (well, and cliffhanger if we're being technical). While the slow trek to get upgrades may occasionally feel frustrating, they are, in actuality, extremely well-paced, it just may be difficult to get that sense until having the benefit of looking back on the experience as a whole. The game's only really major drawback is that it doesn't do much in the way of boss fights - new areas are just unlocked via progress, which is fine, but a big battle before entering the different areas would have given the game just a little more. It's a compliment to the developers, however, that the inclusion of more boss monsters is not a 'need', but rather a 'want' that would only serve to improve an already enjoyable experience. When all is said and done, in the great landscape of all the games available on Xbox One, SteamWorld Dig is a jewel that will make you feel your efforts to discover it was well worth your time. SteamWorld Dig is worth every bit of its $9.99 asking price.

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For a game about dandy robot businessmen trying to fleece a robo-miner of his hard-earned gains, it's surprisingly charismatic. A laid-back Dig Dug with a gentle scattering of Metroid.

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While a bit on the easy side, SteamWorld Dig is an addicting and unique experience featuring heaps of replay value.

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