DYING: Reborn (VR)

Oasis Games
Feb 28, 2017 - PlayStation VR

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DYING: Reborn (VR) Media

DYING: Reborn – Teaser Trailer | PlayStation VR, PS4 and PS Vita System thumbnail

DYING: Reborn – Teaser Trailer | PlayStation VR, PS4 and PS Vita System

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Critic Reviews for DYING: Reborn (VR)

That rather stunted value proposition alone is enough to sour the deal, as frankly better, more fully-realized efforts in the VR space are available for less or free of charge. Credible as it is taken solely on its own, DYING: Reborn VR comes across as a cynically motivated cash grab rather than a genuinely developed standalone product. And in an age where what's considered acceptable for a VR game is changing, that renders the game's prospects dead on arrival.

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Dying: Reborn is the worst game I've played on the PSVR. It's a broken, glitchy mess that not even a few admittedly well designed puzzles can make up for, and while the PSVR version may cost less, the heavy amount of cut content means you aren't getting a deal, you're just paying for a demo.

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There was a real opportunity for DYING: Reborn to shine on virtual reality, but the end result feels like a cruel joke.

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With a lot more polish and focus on making VR a primary component of the game, DYING: Reborn VR could have been a great room escape experience for the platform. Instead it feels like its a hasty cash grab intended to capitalize on VR hype by being sold as a separate, pared down experience and not adapting the full extent of DYING: Reborn. This is the epitome of cut content being (poorly) repackaged and sold as a separate product, a truly bad move that disrespects the very audience it is trying to impress.

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Dying: Reborn VR has a few cool puzzles, but most of the puzzles are terrible and require absurd leaps in logic or for you to pixel hunt for difficult-to-see items. The rest of the game doesn't hold up at all.

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Dying: Reborn VR is a waste that does manage to have some okay visuals and a couple of interesting puzzles that are completely undermined by a lack of smooth turning that ruins the experience. It may be fine for those who don't mind turning at set degrees, but everyone who likes smooth turning should not buy this game at all. It doesn't help that the PSVR version is $9.99, which is, at its core, a feature that should have been in the standard game. Lasting at about two hours, Dying: Reborn VR is just not a worthy purchase for any PSVR customer.

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If you’re going into Dying: Reborn VR fresh and without knowing there is a separate, full game available on the PlayStation Store, you’ll be oblivious to the fact that this game is not finished.

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