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Free Lives, Devolver Digital
Jul 10, 2017 - HTC Vive, Meta Quest, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

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7 / 10
Attack of the Fanboy
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Push Square
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PlayStation Universe
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Critic Reviews for Gorn

It won't blow you away – especially not in 2020 – but it's worth adding to your VR library the next time you want to let off some steam. Invite a few pals over.

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Gorn is exactly what it looks like; it's silly, over the top, and hilarious. This isn't a serious melee combat game, but if you're after comic ultra-violence, then this is the best option on PSVR. With a little more content, some gameplay beyond battling waves of enemies, and a touch more polish, this would be an easy recommendation, but it's still worth a shot if you want a bit of a giggle.

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Simply put, GORN is among the very best VR games out there.

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GORN is a great popcorn video game. Nothing about it screams game-changer, but it's so much fun to play you might spend more time with it than other more refined experiences. With plenty of weapons to decimate your enemies with and plenty of them to pulverize, GORN is certainly an enjoyable and outrageous game.

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Push Square

Unknown Author
6 / 10
Push Square

Gorn puts you in the boots of a powerful gladiator and gives you everything you need to let loose on hapless opponents. When it's at its best, this is a satisfying PSVR experience, offering up truly physical and cathartic action with over-the-top violence. Sadly, it does run into some problems, such as iffy movement and motion tracking problems. There's plenty to like about this OTT title, but without these sticking points it could've been a real PSVR champion.

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Every component of GORN, from the huge assortment of weaponry to the strange physics, comes together to deliver exactly what is promised: bloody, melee carnage. It’s a no-frills experience that doesn’t concern itself with anything extraneous, like moral questions or a narrative.

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GORN is a bloody good time, arriving right at the moment when we need it most. Some strategy is hidden beneath all of the gore and carnage, though you might find yourself just dipping into GORN to bash some heads for a few minutes. While there are some technical limitations brought on by the PlayStation Camera, GORN works pretty well on the PSVR. As both a workout and a psychological enema, GORN succeeds wildly.

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GORN makes a gory, bloodfest type of fighting into a fun pastime that can also serve as a fairly good cardio workout. While there are buckets of blood and dismembered body parts flying around, it is designed in a way to make what would normally be prohibitively gross into something so fun that you will find yourself laughing at the incredible mayhem that surrounds you.

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