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Devolver Digital, Reikon Games
Sep 26, 2017 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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RUINER - Boss Bounties

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RUINER - Ugly Heart Trailer

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RUINER - Coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC This Summer

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No Recommendation / Blank

A powerfully grim, fleet-footed cyberpunk action odyssey that is caught in the spell of its own nihilism.

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Dazzling, dangerous, and dripping in style, Ruiner is a superb, if short, whirlwind of cyber-violence and sightseeing.

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Fighting my way through Ruiner felt like work, and if I weren't obligated to finish it for the review I probably wouldn't have bothered. It's too bad it focuses on being difficult over being fun, because the combat totally works when you're given access to the full range of weaponry and gadgets and can finally stand up to the nearly endless waves of varied enemies thrown at you. This one is definitely better the second time around. Games should be fun right from when you hit the start button – that's kind of the whole point – but Ruiner puts you through too much of a hazing ritual to get there.

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With its brutal, agile combat and engrossing slice of cyberpunk existence, you'll desperately want Ruiner to keep the story going.

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Ruiner's messy brand of violence and stylish visuals make for a fun and chaotic (if brief) ride

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By the time I fought Mother for the third and last time, I was prepared to throw my controller because of how quickly she evaporated my energy and health bars the first two times. Ruiner is one of those games that is unabashedly difficult for the sake of being difficult. It demands you face waves upon waves of the same enemies and mini-bosses before you can even see the final, incredibly trite cinematic. Are you the ruiner or the ruined? I won't spoil the answer that the game offers up, but I will say that I sure didn't feel triumphant when I finally set the controller down.

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Ruiner's world of pure and absolute murder is one teeming with interesting concepts, and its stellar combat makes it a journey well worth taking.

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When all is said and done, you ultimately have a solid cyberpunk action game that has exceptional gun and melee based combat taking place in a beautifully fleshed out world that it, unfortunately, doesn't utilize to its full potential. It may not be perfect but I can wholeheartedly recommend RUINER if you are looking for a good challenge or a game that would fit perfectly in a dark room with your headphones cranked to maximum.

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