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88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition

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Based on 11 critic reviews
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Available on:Nintendo SwitchOct 12, 2017

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Genres: Action, Platformer

It's 8:08am on 8th August 1988, and the evil Dr. H8 has brought the world to the brink of total annihilation! His demands are simple: pay $88 octillion within 88 minutes, or Dr. H8's 88 thermo-nuclear warheads will wipe out the Earth! But who will save us in our time of need? The bravest? The boldest? No... The 88 Heroes (plus 10 of their friends)!

Prepare to infiltrate Dr. H8’s lair with the help of the strangest, dumbest and most pointless superheroes ever! With 88 levels between you and Dr. H8, only 88 seconds to complete each level and the 88-minute Doomsday clock already ticking, lead 98 unique characters – each with their own special abilities – on a platform-hopping, enemy-smashing, danger-dodging mission to save Earth from complete destruction!

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88 Heroes 98 Heroes Edition - Nintendo Switch Trailer (ESRB)

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IGN Spain

7.5 / 10.0
IGN Spain

88 Heroes is pure arcade fun. A game system as simple and straightforward as original and addictive.

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70 / 100
Elisha Deogracias

88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition is a humorous platformer that infuriates as much as it entertains. While the colorful cast of ragtag misfits is charming and unique, you might be turned off by the quirky mechanics and odd use of permadeath.

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Gaming Nexus

8 / 10.0
Gaming Nexus

88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition is an enjoyable game with an interesting and unique premise, plus the multiple game modes do make for a lot of replayability.  However, some of the heroes basically do nothing but jump and some of the ones that can attack have attacks that can easily backfire if you don't know what you're doing, making a lot of the game trial and error.  Also if you get down to just one hero, get very used to him/her/it as you do have unlimited continues, but unless you get enough coins to revive someone, that's all you have for the rest of the game.

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6 / 10

88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition is rich in characters and humorous content and is very likely to keep players around it for long sessions of play. This doesn't quite materialize in all the game's components, as the way it manages the death of the player's characters will feel out of place and unbalanced, while the levels' extremely short length and similar traits among them will not allow for a deeper experience.

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