The Walking Vegetables

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Sep 27, 2017 - PC

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The Walking Vegetables Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Walking Vegetables


Ben Congalton
6 / 10.0

All in all The Walking Vegetables doesn't seem to have been made with the same level of imagination and expertise as it's closest competitors. As such it's a tough one to recommend, particularly when it's on the same system as the superb Enter The Gungeon.

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Overall, I found the game to be a silly and fun introduction to bullet hells.

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The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition may feature generic twin-stick shooting gameplay but its '80s aesthetic makes it feel unique.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this game but can see that after a good few games you could get fed up of it, I find it’s a nice game to break away from the usual games I’d play, something I can just pick up and spend what seems like five minutes but is actually an hour on! I feel this game may not be one everyone enjoys but it is fantastic if you do enjoy your dual-stick gaming, or even a fun game to play on the sofa with your family or friends – no blood, minimal violence (you’ve hurt more veg cooking than you will on here) so it’s fun for all ages! I feel it would be more enjoyable if you had options for online or even a second chance at life via bobs spin!

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As Twin-Stick shooters go, The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition is a competent entry. If you’re a fan of the genre and play a lot of them, as this critic does, this game might feel a little too familiar though. It makes no attempt to break new ground or innovate on any of its mechanics, meaning that despite fighting off a unique enemy in the form of fruit and vegetables, you might as well be playing any number of other titles in the genre.

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Overall the game is fun to play and entertaining but I don’t see there being a huge amount of longevity in it, some of the achievements are set up to entice you to play for longer and attempt more challenges at getting through the game but its just not quite enough to encourage me to stay long term.

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In terms of downsides the biggest issue is that for all of its quirks it plays a bit generically in the end. There are simply a ton of great twin-stick shooters on the Switch and The Walking Vegetables may have some visual style but its gameplay is firmly in the middle of the road. I wish the skills would have thrown a bone earlier on, as perhaps that could show the potential course for how things could continue to develop and change but for the most part they simply take too many runs to gain access to so they’re didn’t do much to help. If you’ve burned through the other shooting options and are looking for a fix The Walking Vegetables works well as a healthy snack but doesn’t quite work as a main course.

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