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Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

Harebrained Schemes
Sep 18, 2014 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut

Technical shortcomings aside, Dragonfall's story rocks; a well-spent $15 for any RPG fan.

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Unfortunately, as DLC, if you didn't buy Shadowrun Returns originally you have to do so now to play Dragonfall - effectively doubling the price. It would be much easier to recommend as a standalone expansion - both as a marked improvement on the original campaign and a refreshing break from the genre's usual fantasy worlds. It still stands as those things if you're willing to take the plunge, though, as well as being an excellent reason to give Shadowrun Returns and its community a second look.

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An expansion that improves on almost every aspect of the original, fixing obvious flaws and adding a much greater sense of variety to what is now one of the best retro role-players around.

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This expansion is a notable step up in character depth and mission design, and the best reason yet to explore this iteration of the fantastic Shadowrun universe

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Fantastic atmosphere and stellar writing make Shadowrun: Dragonfall a great adaptation of its cyberpunk source material.

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Shadowrun: Dragonfall doesn't drastically change the mechanics or systems that were introduced in the main game, which is slightly disappointing as there could have been improvements made but the addition of the new save system is a big relief. The writing and story remains the same high quality from the main game and feels a bit more cohesive from Dead Man's Switch; that story took a lot of twists and turns but Dragonfall feels more focused by giving you a personal connection right from the start. If you enjoyed your first taste of Shadowrun, then Dragonfall should be an immediate purchase.

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In the end, Dragonfall is a more complete and sophisticated version of last year's Shadowrun Returns. The new campaign setting is utterly compelling, the writing is some of the industry's finest with astounding prose and character development and the added content simply equates to an experience that is only rivaled by the genre's best.

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If it gets a patch that fixes the performance issues and most egregious bugs then you're looking at one of the most entertaining RPGs on Switch; it's that good. For now, however, we're left shaking our heads and wondering why on earth Shadowrun: Dragonfall has been re-released in this state.

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