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Shooty Fruity

nDreams, Near Light
Dec 19, 2017 - PlayStation VR, Meta Quest, HTC Vive

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Shooty Fruity | Launch Trailer

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Shooty Fruity | Juicy Perks Trailer

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Shooty Fruity | Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Shooty Fruity

Shooty Fruity is a fun arcade shooter for VR that will be enjoyable for many people regardless of skill. The simple control mechanics makes it easy to pick up for anyone. Shooting aggressive fruit with various weapons is absurdly entertaining, while the pressure to perform basic tasks keeps you on your toes. Shooty Fruity is a simple premise well executed.

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Shooty Fruity is a strange, delightful VR game which combines the stress of simulation with the catharsis of a shooter. Rounds are short, frantic five-minute affairs which will test your ability to multitask, identify a threat, prioritize, and your aim. A hilariously fun and challenging title, Shooty Fruity is just as much fun for the VR fanatic as it is for the casual player.

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Shooty Fruity's silly name belies the truth behind the title. nDreams has provided an experience that should be in the top tier of VR games. An excellent arcade shooter with a wide variety of missions and unlocks, Shooty Fruity elevates a simple concept with quality gunplay, a fun environment, and coat after coat of polish. As many shooters as there are in the VR space, very few are as flat out frantic and entertaining as this.

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There's an enjoyable core gameplay loop at the heart of nDreams' latest VR outing, but there simply isn't enough content here to allow you to delve any deeper than the surface level. We certainly had fun with Shooty Fruity, but with only enough levels to support four hours of fun, you may want to look a bit more upmarket with your next grocery shop.

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Shooty Fruity is a funny arcade shooter with a distinctive personality, one that will hook you with its immediate gameplay, its frantic shooting action and its quirky multi-tasking. You might encounter some technical limitations (due to the Move Controllers rather than the software itself), some questionable game design choices and a certain lack of contents, but it's hard not to smile when you have to use one hand to keep a group of wild rasperries at bay with a machine gun, while scanning products at a cash desk with the other.

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Blending the mundanity of virtual work with the mania of wave-based shooters, Shooty Fruity perfectly pulls off an experience that's both absurd and satisfying.

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That's exactly what Shooty Fruity is. It's an exciting shooting gallery in virtual reality wearing one of the most bizarre and unique skins of any game that I've seen. It's more fun than it has any right being with its strange premise, but that's part of what makes it shine. It could lean in the direction of providing more information to players for optimum weapon loadouts, and I wish it didn't try to artificially increase play time with ridiculous challenges, ultimately burning itself out. The dichotomy of mundane tasks and taking on the role of gunslinging action hero against waves of mutant fruit is an intriguing premise. Along with the satisfyingly juicy explosions that come from blasting them apart with shotguns, revolvers, and SMGs, these features help Shooty Fruity to be a game that's more gratifying than it has any business being.

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Shooty Fruity is Fruit Ninja with guns you didn't even know you wanted.

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