Pizza Titan Ultra

Apr 25, 2018 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Pizza Titan Ultra

As hilarious as Pizza Titan Ultra can be, it is a one-note experience. For those looking for a numb-minded button masher, there's plenty of meat on this bone. If you can turn off your brain before firing up the game, you'll enjoy yourself. Just know that the longer you stare at the screen, the more that the seams begin to show. Goofy shenanigans aside, your mileage may vary.

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Pizza Titan Ultra is not delivery, but it's delectably delicious. With its humorous premise and fun, entertaining gameplay, this little game will definitely put a smile on your face as you put evildoers to cheesy justice.

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Pizza Titan Ultra has a strong identity and a delicious gameplay loop, but the title actively works against you in later levels, sapping your momentum in a desperate attempt to inject some difficulty. It's a frustrating flaw, because between its high-octane arcade action and punchy personality, there's a slice of something nice here – you've just got to pick off all of the bits you don't like before you can truly enjoy it.

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Pizza Titan Ultra is solid at best, frustrating at worst, and is overall just a bit above average. That's a shame because I had higher hopes for this title, but ultimately, I am not walking away too disappointed. If you find this title as intriguing as I did, it may still be worth a shot–just keep in mind that Pizza Titan Ultra is thin crust through and through.

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Pizza Titan Ultra is perfectly balanced, looks great, runs well and is hilarious. I'd love it even it it wasn't a giant robot with a built-in pizza shop that I could make look vaguely look like a Transformer.

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I wasn’t sure what to think about Pizza Titan Ultra at first, but after a while, I really warmed up to the title. This game is a deliberately absurd work of genius that allows people to drive a mech and beat the clock. With its own brand of humor, Pizza Titan Ultra is fun and engaging, and it provides a welcome challenge to anyone who is willing to take it on. With a few control issues holding it down, this game can potentially lack replay value, but that is only a minor issue.

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The indie surge on the Switch has provided a steady stream of excellent games to play in between the big Nintendo titles. A lot of the recent releases have been in genres that have been oversaturated in recent months so it's nice to get something fresh and fun. Pizza Titan Ultra is a fun and colorful break when you've got the blues from playing too many dark and serious titles in a row.

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Pizza Titan Ultra is an enjoyable, mindless romp that suffers from a little bit of repetition.

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