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Jul 19, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for Tanzia

Tanzia's disparate parts are held together with the chewed gum of love put into the project which manages to do just enough to keep it all from falling apart. It definitely has limited appeal, but fans of that relative lack of modern polish we now attribute to sixth generation games will find a competent little action-RPG romp that stands tall with its niche PS2 counterparts.

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There's a lot to like about Tanzia. It's an indie game that's set its ambitions high, boasting DNA from action-RPGs, 3D platformers and more. It's very much a throwback to a time when those genres were very different beasts, but it's a love letter riddled with many of the problems modern iterations have shed. However, if you can look past the fact it often looks and plays like an HD remaster, you'll find some creative monster designs and a fantastical world bursting with heartfelt charm.

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A classic and colourful fantasy adventure, which is decent value for money but not hugely original.

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9 / 10

Tanzia is a good game on Nintendo Switch, with polished and colorful graphics, a solid story and plenty of content to enjoy. It pays homage to the open world design of games such as World of Warcraft, and the gameplay mechanics and feel of the 3D entries in The Legend of Zelda series (pre-Breath of the Wild), for a game that in the end does its own thing and that you should definitely check out on Nintendo Switch.

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Tanzia is a fine game for people looking for a light action-RPG that engages the player with its simplicity. The story beats are interesting but the combat, music, and quest design are largely uninspired. In so many words, Tanzia could use a little more time in the alchemy cauldron.

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There is a point where a homage becomes a flat-out copy, and sadly, Tanzia simply doesn't seem to care that it's so brazen in its "influences."

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In looking at Tanzia as a whole, there's no question that this game is a labor of love for the two principal developers, a fact most evident during the closing credits. It's also a game that left this reviewer wishing there was more: more spells, more potions, more places to explore, and more plotline, both in terms of the characters already introduced and the wider world of the game.

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No Recommendation / Blank
Ben Thompson

Let me be clear: Tanzia is not a bad game. In fact, it is a good game in many ways. The storytelling is on point, with the supporting cutscenes and voice acting doing a wonderful job of portraying the scenario at hand. While the graphics may not sit well with all parties, it was right down my alley and had me reminiscing of the early days of World of Warcraft. Regardless, any RPG, especially if labeled as an action RPG, must have properly structured combat in order for the package as a whole to stand on its own. While there may be those who can look past the points I’ve made throughout my review, I simply cannot do so. I hate to be so critical of a $16USD title because there is value to be had here. And if it weren’t the combat holding it back, we would have a much different situation on our hands.

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