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Sleep Tight

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Jul 26, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Sleep Tight Dev Diary - The Art of Sleep Tight

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Sleep Tight Release Date Trailer

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Sleep Tight - Announcement Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Sleep Tight

All in all, Sleep Tight is a neat little package. It knows what it wants to do and it does most of it well enough, but it might not excite people who don't share the same nostalgia for the specific childhood experience described within it.

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Sleep Tight has some very interesting ideas, but unfortunately fails to captilise on them and falls into the depths of mediocrity.

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While there's nothing here that hasn't been done in other games before, I still feel the urge to hop in for another run to try and beat my previous high score. Testing various defense strategies and skill synergies is lots of fun. I have no doubts that some clown on the internet will discover some tactic or exploit that allows survival beyond one hundred nights, but I really like figuring out what works on my own. The art style works, though it doesn't really stand out enough to be a positive on its own. I played exclusively with a controller and found the game to be responsive. I never felt like my deaths were caused by anything other than my own mistakes. The PC version I reviewed performed wonderfully, though it lacks many of the basic options, like resolution or windowed mode, that players would expect.

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Sleep Tight is a decently fun twin-stick shooter with roguelite elements. While the scenery and enemy variety are something to be desired, those who want a challenging time waster should try this.

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The controls are smooth and the graphics look fantastic but it feels like it just needs more variety. In a game heavily inspired by children's imaginations, the repetition is surprisingly dull.

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While looking at the whole package, Sleep Tight's art style and gameplay make it stand out above other twin-stick survival shooters. While you aren't getting a massive amount of content, you'll still be able to have a ton of fun with the game. And at $14.99, I can absolutely recommend it for both fans of the survival genre and fans of the "cartoony" art style.

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It's also worth noting the music is great, the art style is fun and memorable, and the level of difficultly is pretty balanced making the old cliche “easy to pick up, hard to master” pretty applicable. There's definitely some fun times to be had with Sleep Tight, it just feels like the depth of gameplay is keeping me from being a game I will be playing consistently in the near-future.

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Pure Nintendo

Kira C
6 / 10.0
Pure Nintendo

The concept of playing as a kid fighting off monsters with dart guns and pillow forts was the thing that attracted my attention to Sleep Tight. However, I'm not sure this game delivered on the nostalgic feeling it was driving for.

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