Moero Chronicle Hyper

IDEA Factory
Apr 26, 2019 - Nintendo Switch
Digitally Downloaded
3.5 / 5
6 / 10
4.5 / 5
6 / 10
Seafoam Gaming
5 / 10
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Moero Chronicle™ Hyper - Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Moero Chronicle Hyper

Moero Chronicle is so completely unabashed about its fan service and endless innuendo that it's oddly charming, in its own way. There's absolutely no way that people who don't enjoy fan service for the sake of fan service will get anything out of this game. The dungeon crawling is executed well enough, but it's traditional to a fault. Furthermore, the localisation is so bad that it hurts a lot of the fun nonsense that runs through the script.

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Moero Chronicle Hyper definitely has an audience, though it's a very niche one. This sort of dungeon crawler can be massively addictive, and it's always good to see someone have the balls to bring a game like this over from Japan uncensored. That being said, there are lots of things wrong with this. Characters designs are lacking; the levelling and skill unlocking systems are flawed; and the story is utterly bland. Many flawed elements, but for the centre of the Venn diagram where "Pervs," "JRPG fans," Etrian Odyssey dungeon crawling fans, all overlap, there are going to be some absolutely overjoyed gamers.

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Moero Chronicle Hyper is an excellent port. The new features such as auto travel and HD Rumble make the experience even better than before. If you love dungeon crawlers and want to spend some quality time with amazing monster girls, this will be the best 20 bucks you ever spent on the eShop. I highly recommend it.

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I, unfortunately, can’t recommend this at full price. The localization is abysmal. As is, the game-play is what got me through. Fan-service was fine. Although, I felt it went overboard by having every outfit be panties.

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Unfortunately, Moero Chronicle doesn’t exactly have much merit to it outside of the eye candy, with the dungeon crawling feeling very, very shoehorned in and everything but the suggestive parts seeming like the afterthought here, and I could only stand around two hours before I realized that there wasn’t much of a enjoyable game here.

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Elias wakes up in a realm full of panties and Monster Girls. When the girls are being struck with a strange and violent effect, what can a sister do but lend a helping hand?

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