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Demon Pit

Digerati, Psychic Software, DoomCube
Oct 17, 2019 - PC

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Demon Pit | Announce Trailer | Steam, PS4, Xbox One & Switch thumbnail

Demon Pit | Announce Trailer | Steam, PS4, Xbox One & Switch

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Critic Reviews for Demon Pit

Easy to play in short bursts between other, more fleshed out games, Demon Pit doesn't offer anything new or revolutionary and does get repetitive pretty quickly; but what's here is competently presented and can get addictive if you let it. Good to scratch any old school shooter itch you may have.

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An enjoyable enough bite-sized FPS offering, Demon Pit simply doesn't do or offer enough to hold attention in the long-term, as its presentation, firearms and enemies all feel like discount versions of greater games that have come before it.

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Demon Pit sets out to refine the arena shooter genre with a '90s FPS aesthetic, and it succeeds at that. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. Horrid pacing, a lack of content, and a glut of performance issues leave a lot to be desired, especially when Devil Daggers perfected this formula back in 2016. This is a tough sell to anyone but hardcore fans of the old school aesthetic, though I'm not sure if even nostalgia can save this one.

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Demon Pit for the Nintendo Switch does a good job at being a simple, 1990s-based shooter. With its unpretentious but intense action moments, Demon Pit will strike a chord with those looking to relive simpler times. That said and given today's technology, the experience could only improve if this version allowed the use of motion-controls when it comes to aiming, the same goes for its default auto-aiming function, which cannot be switched off.

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Demon Pit is a fun-size FPS experience that will keep you coming back to the demons for a new high score. It isn't the deepest game and contains a few rough flaws, though.

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Demon Pit is a fiery good time.

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Demon Pit works well as a game but just doesn’t offer much to players outside of just being an arena shooter.

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Find a courage to conquer endless waves of demons in a constantly changing environment in this 90s classic classic arcade shooter.

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