REKT! High Octane Stunts Reviews

REKT! High Octane Stunts is ranked in the 51st percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
Oct 28, 2020

Those who grew up playing skateboarding games will feel right at home playing Rekt! High Octane Stunts, with an added appeal for those who also enjoy car titles. The game combines fun challenges with a wide array of different tricks to let players have fun riding around each map either by themselves or with friends. Rekt! does suffer from a lack of variety in map types, which can get old pretty quickly, but it's a strong choice for gamers who want short, measured bursts of excitement or a quick distraction that doesn't require much investment at all.

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7.7 / 10.0
May 20, 2021

‎Sometimes a flash appears that shakes your guts, that backs old and vague memories of another era just by taking over. At a time when new experiences are demanded that condition the industry itself, REKT! High Octane Stunts is that son of another time dressed in ‎‎neon lights‎‎ who tries to maneuver in all directions, who encourages us to sin to try again and that this time it goes well. A son with an acrobatic four-wheeled throw that compensates for all his limitations through an experience that seeks to perfect a very simple premise: to be very simple to understand, but difficult to master.‎

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8 / 10
Nov 19, 2019

For the tiny asking price you get a complete and charming single experience that will keep rewarding your efforts with extra content that, in turn, helps to expand the multiplayer portion of the game. Tight controls and enjoyable in-game physics seal the deal, and while a more traditional racing mode would have been nice, what's on offer more than justifies the low asking price.

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7.8 / 10.0
Jun 6, 2021

REKT! High Octane Stunts is a simplistic but enjoyable driving experience that offers up a nostalgic homage to retro games gone by. The fun neon colours and upbeat sounds immerse you in the gameplay, and you'll find yourself really invested in the action.

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Top Critic
6 / 10
Jul 5, 2022

Rekt! High Octane Stunts is a very lightweight stunt game. The casual play style, and easy to grasp controls, make it a decent option for children. There is very little penalty for failure, and the package is dense with unlockable content. It is a humble, often boring, yet endearing title that is easy on the eyes. The most challenging quality within, is playing for long sessions. Rekt!'s style is only enjoyable in short bursts and anything more than two hours will make players enter an existential fugue state.

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7 / 10.0
Feb 11, 2021

Rekt! High Octane Stunts is fun. The multiplayer is fine, but the solo game is where it's at with a classic arcade loop, plenty of unlockables, and controls that are easy to pick up and play. It does well if you want something that isn't all that serious. Given the game's $6 price tag, Rekt! Is a fine choice for those who want a quick fix in the extreme sports genre.

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Dec 2, 2019

Simply put, most indie games don't feature as much action-packed replay value as the super-fun trick-based REKT! High Octane Stunts.

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7.5 / 10.0
Nov 8, 2019

When you’re dealing with budget titles the bar for evaluation is a tricky thing to evaluate...

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Jun 15, 2021

If you placed a Tony Hawk title and the cars from Rocket league into a blender and mixed them together what do you think the end product would be? Well, I have the answer, that would be REKT: High Octane Stunts! Developed by Little Chicken Game Company and published by No Gravity Games, the game is available across several platforms. Starting its life on the mobile gaming scene, REKT: High Octane Stunts is also on Steam and Nintendo Switch. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be playing the game on Xbox Series X.

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7.3 / 10.0
Jun 27, 2021

REKT! High Octane Stunts is a cheap and immediate game, without much depth and variety but fun enough to work as a casual filler when we aren't in the mood for more demanding games.

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6.3 / 10.0
Jun 1, 2021

All in all, REKT! High Octane Stunts feels like an old-school arcade game. It is a bit of a misnomer to call it a racing game, despite having a car in it. At its core, REKT is all about the stunts and points, and while the game handles well and delivers on that promise, the number of environments and differences in unlocked cars are somewhat limited. There are not a lot of modes here either. What is there is great deal of fun for a time, but REKT! High Octane Stunts’ overall content is somewhat lacking.

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6 / 10.0
Jan 18, 2021

Overall, REKT! High Octane Stuns is a decent game, which, for the price, might be worth checking out if it sounds like it’s your thing. Nonetheless, I honestly don’t think that you’ll miss much if you decide to skip it. If you’re on the fence, you can always download and check out the demo on Steam.

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7 / 10.0
Nov 25, 2020

I had a great time with Rekt! High Octane Stunts. It isn't highly intensive or elitist and allows for a relaxing experience. There's only competition between you and your own high score. Even though I found the game to be lacking in customization and level arenas, I give this title a solid 7 out of 10.

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5 / 10
Nov 6, 2020

REKT is a game that has some potential, but ultimately suffers from being very light on content while seemingly missing every chance to realize that potential. If you like the idea of playing a slimmed-down version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater meets Rocket League with cars instead of skateboards, you can certainly get some enjoyment out of this. But I think that’s a pretty niche audience for a game in today’s market.

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