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Dec 9, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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SuperMash Announcement Trailer

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Getting Started with SuperMash - Playing a Mash

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Getting Started with SuperMash - Dev Cards

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Critic Reviews for SuperMash

Supermash's promise of a limitless supply of genre mashed games can't mask their shallow, repetitive, and uninteresting gameplay.

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Unfortunately, SuperMash is a game where the concept is better than the execution. While the spritework and chiptunes are nice, the gameplay holds the whole thing back; a big problem when the gameplay is supposed to be the main feature. Ironically, the mashed-up games usually end up being less than the sum of their parts.

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While some of the mashes show some fun combinations of genre tropes, the majority of what you'll play in SuperMash is a bit of a mess.

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SuperMash is an unfortunate example of a concept working better on paper than in execution. Whilst the mashing system is fun to mess around with and watch the first few times, that magic quickly wears off and all you're left with is the poorest imitations of great game genres.

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SuperMash is a great idea that feels squandered thanks to poor execution.

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My time with SuperMash was interesting, to say the least. Some mashups were extremely fun, while others were just boring. I have to say it is a game that is going to give you a different experience almost every time you play, and while story mode isn't too intriguing, I can't say fully it is a bad game. That said, I couldn't say that it is an amazing game either. The concept was a valid attempt of an idea, however many times; the mashes felt bland.  As it sits even with the promise of DLC, I'm not sure it is worth the asking price of $19.99.

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SuperMash has an intriguing concept but the execution - the several genre "mashes" you make and play - are uninteresting and shallow.

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