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EQQO is ranked in the 21st percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
5 / 10.0
Feb 20, 2020

A fairly uninspired puzzle game with awkward controls, the concept of Eqqo is never truly delivered. There are some emotional moments and beautiful environments, but it wasn't enough to keep me interested in the dull gameplay

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8 / 10
Feb 10, 2020

We were pleasantly surprised by EQQO. After a rather lacklustre opening segment, the majority of the game proves itself to be an engaging puzzle title with a surprisingly meaningful narrative to support it.

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7 / 10.0
Feb 21, 2020

While EQQO has a few shortcomings that are quite apparent, it's multi-layered, touching story and easy-to-understand puzzle mechanics make this journey worth a look.

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Top Critic
5 / 10
Aug 12, 2020

EQQO is a really charming, interesting game that unfortunately all comes apart when you get around to actually playing it. The presentation is great, the story is wonderful, and it feels like this interesting little storybook is unfolding right in front of your eyes. It was a game that one will desperately try to like, but it keeps getting in its own way with awkward controls and boring gameplay. It is like sitting down and hearing a beautiful story that the storyteller keeps interrupting to burp every ten seconds, and it becomes harder and harder to focus on the story the longer things go on. It might be good enough for people that play video games primary for their story, or for those looking for a charming presentation, but those that actually want to play a solid game will have to look elsewhere.

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6.5 / 10.0
Feb 12, 2020

While the switch version of EQQO is probably not the ideal way to experience this story, it is a cute and small game that is great for someone who is looking to play something in short bursts. Take your time getting adjusted to the controls. If you take on a chapter each night, you will more than get your money out of it. Just don't go in and expect a full top-down Zelda dungeon experience.

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Feb 3, 2020

Even though it features nifty puzzles and a strikingly unique narrative, EQQO is held back in this non-VR console release.

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70 / 100
Dec 7, 2020

In EQQO we are facing a mainly narrative adventure, which will take us about four hours. It is a very pleasant experience visually and soundly. It presents a moving and introspective story with the originality of being based on a little explored mythology such as that of Ethiopia. The experience is ruined by the abrupt and dizzying camera system that makes it difficult to control and progress and takes away the immersion of the game.

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53 / 100
Mar 3, 2020

EQQO on Switch isn't a good experience. The narrator and soundtrack are great, but this kind of fascination is missing from the rest of the game. Controls aren't intuitive at all and many technical issues cause a lot of frustration. Thinking of EQQO, I'll remember two things: A great story and a lack of fun.

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Feb 13, 2020

Eqqo tells the story of a mother, her son… and an egg? Drawing inspiration from the architecture, traditions and legends of Ethiopia, Eqqo is a unique game unlike anything I’ve ever played before. Eqqo, our titular character is a blind boy lead by the voice of his mother, the narrator. His is on a journey through lands he can’t see, given the responsibility of caring for a sacred egg which is sought after by mysterious dark forces. As the player, it’s your job to guide Eqqo over obstacles, help him solve puzzles and avoid traps as he makes his journey.

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