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Tinogames Inc.
Feb 18, 2020 - PC, Xbox One

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The card combat and deckbuilding of Neoverse is incredibly strong and if all you need to keep you entertained is deep card combat, it's got you covered. However, the lack of any kind of context and background to anything, just going from fight to fight, eventually takes the sheen off. The core of the game has benefited from a great deal of attention, care and creativity, it's just a shame it was almost squandered due to the lack of it elsewhere.

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An impressive card battler with depth for days and an eye-opening visual presentation. What Neoverse might lack in terms of a story or truly innovative mechanic it more than makes up for with customisation, longevity and a much welcome intention to engage with newcomers, rather than just the usual card battling savants.

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Neoverse dispenses with story (and a perhaps more-important tutorial) to get players straight into the action, trusting them to figure out the game's intricacies on their own. Those with the patience to learn Neoverse will be rewarded by its amazingly deep, fun, and varied gameplay. With three very different characters to choose from, and a mountain of systems and modes, Neoverse is one of the most addictive deck builders I've played.

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Neoverse Trinity Edition succeeds at being an enjoyable deck builder, but it does so in a way that's seemingly desperate to highlight its limitations. It runs embarrassingly poorly at times, and does almost nothing to ingratiate the player to its many systems, all of which must be puzzled out more or less from scratch. While this is far from ideal, it's not enough to totally kill the game's appeal. Robust strategy is both possible and necessary in order to progress much beyond even the second boss. If you vibe with Neoverse Trinity Edition, it'll last you a while. It's just very, very difficult to get to grips with this bizarre, confusing game.

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Neoverse Trinity Editon is a surprisingly addictive deck-building card battling game. There are some things that will make you think this was a converted mobile game from the West, especially given anime-based heroines. The game leaves a lot for you to figure out but provides enough varied missions so that successive playthroughs don't feel completely monotonous. It requires some patience to master the system and unlock new cards but on the plus side, it plays well in undocked mode making for a great travel game!

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Neoverse Trinity Edition brings the strategy of a deck-building game together with rougelite elements. Similar to a game like Slay the Spire, but with a different polish. The story is virtually non-existent, which is unfortunate, but understandable for the type of game. Purely from Neoverse's aesthetic, the expectation is that the game will be simple, but you will slowly start to uncover a deep and multifaceted strategy game that remains fresh throughout numerous hours of play.

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I had a good time playing NEOVERSE – especially Hunter Mode – because at the end of the day the aesthetic of a deck builder doesn't matter as it's all about the cards.

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All in, Neoverse is an adequate distraction to pick up and put down but if you want something truly engaging then wait for this one to roll out a few more updates first.

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