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World Splitter

BUMBLE3, NeoBird
Apr 21, 2021 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

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Critic Reviews for World Splitter

Imaginative mechanics and puzzle design at war with finicky, picky gameplay mechanics. Add in a borderline useless player character and you've got the recipe for a good puzzle game damaged by various annoyances.

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Overall, World Splitter is a really great and challenging puzzler that may look easy but will leave you scratching your head more often than not. The unique double map and physics mechanics are some of those things that really make World Splitter stand out. The cute and simplistic style is very aesthetically pleasing and helps keep you from screaming at the top of your lungs when you take one step too many at the very end of a map. Challenge your brain and spatial awareness if you dare.

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World Splitter is a great puzzle platformer with a unique gameplay mechanic for solving perplexing challenges. With 60 unique levels to play, the game's difficulty is quite diverse as a result, offering the player a ton of replayablity through extra challenges. My only criticism is that the multiplayer mode could have been more realized, as the dimension rift mechanic is used extremely well in both modes. If you're a fan of puzzle games and have been wanting something to scratch that itch, World Splitter is a game for you.

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Ultimately, World Splitter is a game that should be taken at face value. It’s a creative puzzle-platformer that’s rough around the edges. Six worlds and a couple dozen stages that can all be completed in under 6-8 hours if you’re clever. It’s a fun diversion, and those who enjoyed the Flash games of yesteryear will find World Splitter to be a comfort. But for those expecting a little more for a full game will be left wanting.

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After some time I understand what and how to do and finish a level with a decent result (the targets the game sets are for much better players). I only wished the development team offered more ways to cut down frustration to make more gamers enjoy World Splitter for longer periods.

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World splitter feels like the developers had a vision and managed to nail it. A punchy and challenging puzzle game with a unique mechanic that feels intuitive and simple but adds a great amount of complexity. The couch co-op and numerous levels will keep this interesting for a good long time. For anyone who is a sucker for a challenge or just an avid indie game payer, this game will be perfect.

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World Splitter brings an interesting concept to puzzle platforming, and for the most part executes it well. While it can be frustrating at times, I'd recommend it to fans of the genre looking for something new who want a thoughtful and challenging experience.

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World Splitter is an enjoyable enough puzzle platformer with an interesting dimension mechanic that will really have you using your brain to make it to the finish. It’s not impressive technically but the actual puzzles offer plenty of challenge while optional objectives are there for the more hardcore speedrunners. It’s just a shame that the two-player levels aren’t plentiful enough and come across as little more than an appetizer. Overall, World Splitter can be fun to dive into for hours at a time or to just dip into for a few levels here and there.

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