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Apr 29, 2021 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Insurmountable

Cerebral and engrossing, Insurmountable succeeds at making a tactical mountain-climbing rogue-lite. No frostbite required.

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Insurmountable is definitely a hidden gem of a game, one that provides the right mix of challenge and fun for the player's delight.

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Insurmountable gains a new gameplay layer with the 2.0 update, which gives the experience a clearer structure and players more clear goals to aim for. Climbing peaks, with limited resources and careful planning, continues to be compelling. There are plenty of strategies to try out, many events to deal with, some mysteries to untangle.

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Worth Playing

Lauren "Feffy" Hall
8.5 / 10.0
Worth Playing

Those wins make you want to play, and play, and then, play Insurmountable some more because, well, go back to what I said about peaks and views and random events in which your choices may make or break you. Insurmountable is beautiful, engaging, clever, and a delight to play - even when I was halfway dead on the side of an icy peak and slowly dying of frostbite. It sounds like it would be tough to make that fun, but Insurmountable pulls it off.

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Amusing climbing of lonely mountaineer with weather effects and permadeath.

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The reality is if Insurmountable were a real board game, I’d be interested in picking it up, and the price would be much steeper due to the physical pieces. The digital experience it offers is a unique one worth having for any fans of slower-paced strategy games, even if its freshness is shorter-lived than I would like.

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There may be some good ideas and systems at play in Insurmountable, such as inventory and meter management, but the title is only remotely enjoyable when those meters are almost completely drained and you're near the end of the level.

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It may not be action-packed and your enjoyment mileage may vary, depending on your views on roguelikes, but Insurmountable is a unique take on a genre that has begun to feel a little stale for me. With an interesting premise, good replay value and a nice clean look, it’s a game I’ll certainly keep installed on the PC for a while and boot up for a quick run from time to time. A good, if somewhat tense, time will be had.

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