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Open Country

FUN Labs, 505 Games
Jun 10, 2021 - PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Critic Reviews for Open Country

Even if Open Country tries to differentiate itself from other similar games, it can't succeed in its task. The many implemented features are not a novelty and they fails to shine in a way or another. Moreover, the game feels unpolished due to many bugs and problems that can be often encountered. Right now, Open Country is no more than a beautiful place to watch landscapes from the top of a mountain.

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8 / 20

In short, it is the total absence of fun that jumps in our faces. The huge shortcomings of the title, which we had already noted during the preview in early May, have not been corrected, making Open Country an ersatz of hunting simulation game from the beginning of the Xbox One/PS4 era, with an interest totally broken by an aesthetic and technical envelope to pick up.

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A brave outdoor life simulator in which you have to explore, hunt, and carry out repetitive tasks and missions completely devoid of appeal. The result is a game that is beautiful to look at (for its price) but rather boring to play; only recommended to the most motivated players.

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FunLabs' new title is especially striking for its ambition. The development studio, in fact, for the first time dares to get out of the comfort zone that has characterized hunting games for years and offers the public a curious mixture between open world, dynamics extrapolated from the survivals and mechanics typical of any hunting game. The big problem with this clearly tight budget is that the mixture of genres is grouped into an unconsused and, above all, unbalanced mix.

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Open Country strains the eyes with poor rendering on the XBOX. The game play offers little enjoyment. Move on. There are far better titles out there in this genre.

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Filled with glitches, fallible logic and a list of problems as long as my arm, I absolutely cannot call Open Country a good game. But despite its rough edges, there’s something to be said about the freedom it provides players. Exploring the vast wilderness, being fully responsible for your own survival, can be exhilarating. Just don’t expect a polished experience, and you won’t be too disappointed.

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The concept behind Open Country is solid enough. A more relaxed hunting and survival simulator in a traditional game structure has an audience: those who feel that hunting games are too vague for newcomers. While some of the quirky bits can be forgiven, the busted hunting mechanics and the dated presentation bring everything crashing down. Unless you're the very forgiving and patient type, pass on this title.

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I was really excited for Open Country and was hoping it would bridge that gap between arcade hunting and hunting sim. In spirit, this is what it set out to do and you can see that from the game. It’s just a shame that the execution just isn’t there. There is still something special here that I think hunting and survival game fans could love. However, it needs a lot of work from bugs, crashes, and overall balancing of its gameplay systems.

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