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I Am Fish

Curve Digital, Bossa Studios
Sep 16, 2021 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

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Critic Reviews for I Am Fish

I Am Fish is a physics-based literal fish-out-of-water story that's equal parts hilarious and masochistic.

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I Am Fish can be a delightful and imaginative romp, especially when Bossa Studios gets creative with its level design and world building. Whether players experience that whole world will depend on how much of a tolerance they have for the game's painfully strict physics, which can become enraging, especially when combined with the game's camera. But, even with its issues, Bossa Studios deserves credit for putting something whimsically different together while also combining it with a heartwarming story about fish friendship.

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Gorgeous, creative, and ever so compelling, I Am Fish is a bold step forward for Bossa Studios, despite some aggravations.

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As one of the most frustrating games ever made, I Am Fish is a special kind of awful. With horrible traversal, unforgiving physics, inconsistent challenge, and terrible stealth sections, it is about as fun as getting your head stuck in a fishbowl.

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I Am Fish has a lot of positive qualities. The difficult physics-based platforming offers a variety of challenges that test the player's precision and endurance. The narrative is joyful and simple as a bunch of fish friends attempt to find a way to the ocean and reunite. The problems rise up with the technical polish of the title with low frame rate cutscenes and an inconsistent momentum system. Despite these shortcomings, I Am Fish is a delightful platformer full of charm and challenge.

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If it weren't for the game's varied levels and quirky scenarios, it's likely that I Am Fish would sink under that weight, but thanks to excessive charm, it still manages to get enough right to justify a look from anyone with enough patience to appreciate it.

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Hopefully fixes are on the way for its technical issues because otherwise, I Am Fish is a fun and charming physics puzzle title. This game feels like the next evolution of the comedy sim genre that’s replacing the wonky, janky nodding goats and intentionally poor control schemes for a more deliberate style of comedy that’s much more accessible, interesting and polished.

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A fun physics platformer with clever levels, a bit of puzzling, and a terrifying man wearing a farmer's cap.

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