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Feb 10, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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Critic Reviews for EGGLIA Rebirth

Don't be put off too much by its smart device origins - Egglia Rebirth is an enjoyable and charming RPG that's a delight to experience on Switch. The bite-sized levels make this one easy to pick up and play, while the ongoing barrage of new quests, friends, and levels keep giving you good reasons to come back for more. It must be said that the gameplay can feel a little shallow on extended sessions and the constant presence of timers can sometimes make it feel like a weird fit for a console. However, if you're a fan of Legend of Mana or are just looking for a light RPG that doesn't require too much mental investment, Egglia Rebirth is a solid title we can recommend.

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EGGLIA Rebirth has a lot to offer, but also some poor design choices. Whether or not you can look past its weaknesses will mostly depend on your tolerance for mobile games.

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Egglia Rebirth in an inoffensive and relaxing little game, too easy and too shallow for old time JRPG aficionados, but suited for younger audiences and people who often play mobile games.

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I want to like Egglia. The writing and characters are fun, the village building aspect is an enjoyable twist, and the art is beautiful. Unfortunately, the game feels too stripped down to be enjoyable. Grinding and not knowing what level you need to challenge a boss is frustrating. I think this works as a mobile game where you might play in short bursts, but for a console game, it just feels off.

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EGGLIA Rebirth is a game designed for the grind. There is always something to work towards and resources will always need harvesting. Fans of farming sims and Animal Crossing will surely find a lot to enjoy with this one.

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It has the developer pedigree of the Brownie Brown founders, the music of Yoko Shimomura, visually pleasing 2D visuals, and a superb localization. It's a shame that the gameplay itself is somewhere between overly simplified and frustrating, largely thanks to the mobile influences that still seep into this Switch release. If you have a high tolerance for mobile fluff, then Egglia Rebirth might still be worth a look, but be prepared for countdown timers and weirdly high difficulty spikes to dirty your pleasant nostalgic jaunt.

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EGGLIA: Rebirth is an RPG-town builder that is right at home on the Switch, even though I would have liked to see more differences with the mobile game. But then, the mobile game already was of a great quality. The simulation part, building up the Town at EGGLIA is where the game shines for me. Moving through the hex based dungeons is nice too, but much is left to chance. What makes exploring fun though is that you never know what new surprises in materials and new creatures you are going to find. This is a great game to pick up and play over your morning coffee, gathering materials, slaying some enemies and using the spoils to help out your friends in town to make their home even nicer.

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Stuck with gameplay elements that seem to be tied to the mobile business model, Egglia Rebirth is a game that could have been so much more. With funny texts, charismatic characters and a curious proposal, the game is still a good recommendation for any fans of RPGs and more experimental simulators. However, it feels like the experience was severely impacted by their original business model.

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