Team Ladybug, WSS Playground, PLAYISM
May 22, 2022 - PC
8.5 / 10
Rice Digital
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DRAINUS (90秒バージョン)

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Critic Reviews for DRAINUS

Though if you’ve any affection for the genre, or any love for the likes of Darius and Gradius, then there’s really no reason to wait until then. Drainus has a silly name and a few small frustrations, but that doesn’t stop it delivering the same heart-soaring spectacle and sharp, satisfying action that makes the greats soar. This might fall just short of being one of them, but it’s an exquisite shooter all the same.

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DRAINUS merges classic elements and unique ideas to create an impressive shoot 'em up. The mechanics of absorbing enemy shots bring dynamism to the stages, which have several creative and varied moments. In addition, the setting stands out with a stylish look and breathtaking imposing scenes. At times the challenge is low and there is not much content, but the general care of the title's production compensates for these problems. In the end, DRAINUS is an unmissable experience.

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In short, Drainus is an absolute triumph for Team Ladybug, and should be considered an essential in any shoot ’em up fan’s library. Here’s hoping it gets a console release so those of us who enjoy collecting games like this can have it on our shelves one day…

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