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The Sixth Hammer
May 26, 2022 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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Critic Reviews for Moo Lander

Despite having some problems, Moo Lander is a ton of fun that delivers on its premise of being the first "Mootroidvania." The humor is hit or miss, but there are plenty of times players will find themselves smiling as they navigate the various biomes and try to solve puzzles to move the story forward. The story may not be that great, but the gameplay is - and it definitely makes Moo Lander worth checking out.

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Moo Lander is a fun game that can be played in short stints. It has a whacky and creative story that supports a side-scrolling shooter/puzzle/RPG backbone. It does more right than not and makes for an engaging and entertaining journey to hunt down alien cows.

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Moo Lander checks every box for a unique, fun indie title. Creativity in spades, with mechanics that are simple to learn but fiendish to master – it’s udderly charming, with just the right sting of difficulty when it matters.

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In the end, Moo Lander is a solid adventure game that works despite the genre being mislabeled. The placement of more physics puzzles is a welcome one, even if a few can be a little frustrating. Combat is solid enough, provided you know beforehand that the boss fights tend to be a huge pain. The world may not have much in the way of exploration, but it feels anything but sterile, and the tools are quite fun to use. It's an enjoyable game overall and one that adventure fans might be interested in if they wanted something a little different.

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You can’t make a premise like this up, folks. You’re a flying saucer abducting alien cows and there’s just something funny and wacky about it all. Yet, I walked away from Moo Lander rather impressed at the level of quality here. While the titular cow battles do need some revamping to bring in the fun factor, I can easily forgive that for the gorgeous art, very competent and solid gameplay, and surprisingly in-depth worldbuilding. If you’re looking for something a little out-of-this-world to spice up your starry night, take a flight to the neatest Metroidvania this side of the Milky Way.

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Moo Lander checks all the points for a good adventure game. One can argue that some of the shooting is not as tight as other space shooters. And the challenge from the cow bosses may be a little steep for some gamers. For me, the controls and pacing have just the right amount of challenge. I decided to rate Moo Lander higher because it just goes that one step beyond with its memorable premise and excellent art and story presentation. Moo Lander is a game that’s easily going to stick with me for some time. When I do come across someone that asks the important question ‘what’s the best video game with cows,’ I’ll know where to direct their attention.

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On its surface, Moo Lander is a silly game with a silly premise. However, behind that bovine exterior is a surprisingly good experience.

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