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Alkemi Games, Dear Villagers
Sep 15, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Foretales

Rather austere in its presentation, and repetitive in its gameplay, Foretales unpacks an intriguing story via a roguelite narration, which makes you throw part by game, but in moderation. You will at least want to achieve a beautiful ending!

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An interesting narrative-based card game whose gameplay loops get repetitive too soon.

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Foretales has been an entertaining ride, especially when it comes to the writing and the smart way in which cards are used during the non-combat sequences. The way the story expands and changes based on decisions means there is much replayability and more great writing to enjoy, and as long as you can avoid too much combat, Foretales has every reason to be a game to look out for when compared to contemporaries like Inscryption or Voice of Cards, or its real-life counterparts like Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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The systems and inner workings of Foretales create a captivating, addictive experience, but the repetitive nature of character and location cards stymies an otherwise magnificent experience.

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Foretales is a wonderful example of how creative the card-based genre can be. Marrying a gripping narrative with gameplay that really makes you feel in charge of your own destiny, this is an engaging and fulfilling experience that we whole-heartedly recommend.

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Where stealing sometimes was the right answer in order to bribe guards and avoid a confrontation. While the switch version has a few gripes when it comes to the visual fidelity and the interface, I was very pleasantly surprised by the end product. If you like card games and want to play a narrative driven game with a refreshing approach, Foretales may just be exactly what you are looking for.

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Telling a story just by using cards isn't an easy task. Despite this, Foretales manages to make you love and care about its characters and world.

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Foretales manages to be both innovative in its gameplay and deliver an engaging story, a rare combination in the world of card-driven video games. It’s fast-paced, asks players to think about actions and consequences, and deals with the fate of the world and with more personal relationships.

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