Radiant Silvergun Reviews

Radiant Silvergun is ranked in the 98th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
9 / 10.0
Jan 8, 2024

Radiant Silvergun is personally the best shooter written by Treasure, but it's not for everyone. The measured cadence of the action and the difficulty of handling the seven weapons make it difficult to approach for those who prefer the deflagrating action of more dynamic alternatives like danmaku, but the effort of mastering such unique mechanics is repaid by an extraordinary game.

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9 / 10
Sep 19, 2022

Clarifying Radiant Silvergun's place in the genre is trivial in light of its achievement. It remains, despite its uncompromising nature, deservedly celebrated. The game wears its hardcore credentials on its sleeve, and its depth in both technical and artistic terms is astonishing. As stimulating and rewarding as it is exhausting, it's a labour that has transcended not only the genre but the medium to some degree. Regardless of its difficulty - and in that difficulty, its lack of immediate connection - those who learn to fell the game proper can say they truly lived Radiant Silvergun. That's an experience worth fighting for.

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4.5 / 5.0
Dec 1, 2023

Radiant Silvergun is considered a classic for a reason, and it holds up today as strongly as it did on release.

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90 / 100
Nov 5, 2023

Radiant Silvergun is one of the best shmups of all time, and Live Wire’s release manages to capture Treasure’s treasure in the best light. For those who have yet to dive into its intricate world, this is a must play.

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8.3 / 10.0
Nov 8, 2022

Radiant Silvergun remains one of my favourite shoot 'em ups of all time with its mind-blowing array of weaponry, steep challenge, and clever mechanics. It's been a long time since it released, though, so I was hoping there would be some new content included here.

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9 / 10.0
Sep 26, 2022

Radiant Silvergun is a legendary title for a reason. It's addictive, it rewards your time, and it offers players an experience that initially would seem quite routine at first, but it isn't long until the depth shines through and it has its hooks in you. Treasure is an iconic developer, and with titles like this under their belt, you can see why. It's a perfect blend of home and arcade experience that deserves to stand next to the better-known Ikaruga as an all-time great. It shouldn't just be famous for its price tag.

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8 / 10.0
Sep 14, 2022

This is not an easy recommendation, given how unbelievably challenging this game is, even on the easiest of difficulties. Radiant Silvergun is a gem of its time, but one that has managed to age gracefully. Few bullet hell shooters released in this day and age are able to stand next to it and its sequel, Ikaruga. Being able to take this absolute classic on a portable, with a handful of simple, but welcome quality of life improvements, is worth the entry fee if you’re a fan of bullet hell shooters.

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