Spin Rhythm XD Reviews

Spin Rhythm XD is ranked in the 98th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
9 / 10.0
Jul 9, 2024

Spin Rhythm XD is a straight forward package. It knows it's humble origins, and isn't trying to reinvent the wheel. Better still, this is a game that shines a new light on several artists and songs you may never have heard. Challenging and unforgiving at times, in all the best ways. The only drawback is that there is zero multi-player. Still, while I am late to the party, I'm now within the spin cycle. Pick this up.

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8 / 10
Jul 9, 2024

Still, the new mechanics rolled out in higher difficulties will keep dedicated players engaged for a long time. The fundamental gameplay is enjoyable enough to carry Spin Rhythm XD through its limited range. This is an energetic and moreish arcade rhythm game that puts a neat new spin on the genre.

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9.8 / 10.0
Jul 20, 2023

Spin Rhythm XD offers a sublime VR rhythm game experience thanks to its natural-feeling controls and stellar-EDM soundtrack. It's nothing like any rhythm game I've played in the past, and I'm fully on-board with Super Spin Digital's approach to creating a rhythm game that puts the player firmly at the center of the soundstage. It's the easiest recommendation I can make for any PSVR 2 player wanting a rhythm game that feels and sounds excellent. Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to put my PSVR 2 back on my noggin and get lost in the music.

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9 / 10.0
Jul 9, 2024

Unsurprisingly, Spin Rhythm XD is as good on PlayStation as it has been on other platforms. It's a top-tier arcade rhythm title that's remained sorely underappreciated, a fact that will hopefully change with this release. With novel mechanics, a banging playlist, fantastic options for gameplay customisation and a fun (if strange) VR mode, there's never been a better spin on this experience.

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9.3 / 10.0
Jul 8, 2024

Spin Rhythm XD is a great music game with a controller, but a real game changer for the PSVR2. The game does everything right and includes every option you can think of to customize the game to your preference. It combines the simple capture of two colors of notes with the complexity of drumming along to the right rhythm. It is easy to play for a long time and easy to learn. If you have a PSVR2 then you really need this game.

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7 / 10.0
Apr 7, 2021

Spin Rhythm XD needs no more description. It is an interesting rhythm game with simple controls, lots of soundtracks and nice visuals that will entertain especially when relaxing. What we can criticize a bit is the unnecessarily complex editor and, so far, not very lively multiplayer. The game is also still in Early Access and we're very curious to see where the title will go next.

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8 / 10.0
Nov 14, 2023

Spin Rhythm XD is a groovy good time, seamlessly combining intuitive controls, challenging levels, and an electrifying soundtrack. Visually, it's a neon-lit spectacle that responds to dynamic beats, incorporating trippy and vibrant aesthetics while still offering accessibility options. Boasting over 60 tracks from dreamy future bass to intense dubstep, it's a fun, multisensory journey.

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9.2 / 10.0
Nov 8, 2023

Sporting a ridiculously fitting killer soundtrack, and incredibly satisfying controls, this is a must-have music title

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9.5 / 10.0
Mar 24, 2023

Addictive, frantic and fun are just some of Spin Rhythm XD's adjectives. With a good selection of songs and a fluid and easy-to-understand gameplay, Spin Rhythm stands out and consolidates itself as one of the best experiences available in rhythm games. Even with the enormous complexity of the highest difficulties, the constant attempt to complete a song is extremely satisfying. With the promise of new content to come, Spin Rhythm XD is poised to remain relevant for years to come.

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