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Smile For Me

LimboLane, Serenity Forge
May 31, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Smile For Me

Silly, surreal, unsettling, and quietly effective at delivering its message. Smile For Me's abstract nature can be a barrier, but breaking through it will allow you to experience a very distinct adventure.

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Smile for Me from developer LimboLane is an unsettling adventure that puts you to the test with its puzzles. The point-and-click backbone will keep the difficulty coming, but the reward for your patience and perseverance will be worth the cognitive trouble you endure.

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If you're looking for something that's creepy without being violent are gory, the puzzle game Smile for Me is for you. It effectively uses its low-fi graphics and video to create a point-and-click adventure that unnerves you without resorting to jump scares and violence.

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Smile For Me is an amusing but very short adventure game with some clever puzzles. The art style helps it stand out and the out-of-nowhere horror elements are a welcome twist. The queer stuff is out of place and makes the game seem like it’s more aimed at socially conscious manchildren instead of actual children.

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While Smile For Me had me grinning for its off-beat visuals and world, ultimately I could only offer a half-quirked smile by the end.

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Smile For Me is a truly unique experience of a game. It presents players with a dark story hidden behind a surrealist world and absurdist humor. With character met and puzzle completed, you’ll find yourself a little deeper down the rabbit hole in this one-of-a-kind game.

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever played a game like Smile for Me before; I’m equally certain I don’t want to play another one like it ever again. My skin has not stopped crawling since putting down the controller, and I know there are some key moments from Smile for Me that will randomly haunt me for years to come. For a game that isn’t scary, Smile for Me is incredibly creepy in all the right ways; with that being said, it’s somehow still alluring — even welcoming. If you’ve chanced upon a frowny face in the mirror recently and believe a smile will cure what ails you, consider checking into the Habitat — Smile for Me might do the trick (for better or worse)!

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Starting with what I’d consider a bit of a creepy title, this adventure is certainly different, though probably an acquired taste

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