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Miasma Chronicles

The Bearded Ladies, 505 Games
May 23, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC

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Miasma Chronicles | Launch Trailer [ESRB]

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Miasma Chronicles Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Miasma Chronicles | Release Date Trailer [ESRB]

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Critic Reviews for Miasma Chronicles

A serviceable tactics game lumbered with an uninspiring setting and narrative, brought right down by bigoted stereotypes.

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Miasma Chronicles is a fascinating experience that aims for a narrow target and hits it, for the most part. Making a serious, tactical RPG a vehicle for compelling storytelling is a tough proposition because the broad appeal of the latter is often at odds with the brutal vibes of the former. But with its tailored difficulty options, stealth options outside of combat, and, of course, the solid weight of the storytelling itself, Miasma Chronicles succeeds in its mission.

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A game that treasures its tactical engine to stage reasoned and challenging combat, along with an all-too-forgettable plot and characters and a pleasant setting to explore, albeit in its post-apocalyptic banality. Those who appreciate games of this type (and perhaps have already enjoyed Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden) should seriously consider Miasma Chronicles, provided they keep in mind the presence of some difficulty spikes that can make some passages a bit frustrating.

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Miasma Chronicles is an XCOMlike that will delight those who enjoyed Mutant Zero Dawn. Lots of exploration, some role-playing and the familiar combat with a twist.

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Mindful Phill
80 / 100

In the post-apocalyptic world of Miasma Chronicles, players embark on a gripping journey with Elvis, a young man possessing a unique glove that can control the devastating Miasma. Developed by The Bearded Ladies, known for Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, this turn-based tactical game offers a captivating story and memorable characters, though it follows a mostly linear narrative. While the exploration aspect may feel repetitive, the game truly shines in its intense combat, featuring Elvis's glove and strategic elements inspired by games like X-COM. With customization options, evolving characters, and no need for grinding, Miasma Chronicles delivers an accessible and engaging experience for players seeking a balance of gameplay and narrative.

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The Bearded Ladies is experienced in the turn-based tactics genre and Miasma Chronicles shows it convincingly, with the studio trademark mix of stealth and tactic providing an engaging approach to most combat situations (sometimes the enemies will get the drop on you. Life isn't fair). A pity for a climax that is perhaps too sudden, and a plot that isn't as good as the atmosphere.

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There's a kernel of a fantastic tactical role playing game in Miasma Chronicles, but it lacks polish in a few key areas, and while the lore and the characters are endearing in their own right the overarching fiction that binds it all together disappoints.

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I had a great time with Miasma Chronicles, and I legitimately didn't want it to end. The accessible tactical combat had me coming back for more, and I loved the environments and the visually pleasing destruction the Miasma has wrought. Though its story is pretty wonky, I still enjoyed what I experienced and hope that a sequel will fully flesh out what is happening in this world.

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