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Mi'pu'mi Games GmbH, astragon Entertainment
Nov 14, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Howl

I felt that this was a very well put together, and engaging puzzle game. While it may not look like it from the onset, it does hold some tough challenges and touching moments inside. While it won't be for everyone, if what I have said has interested you at all, I recommend giving Howl a shot.

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Like every compelling puzzle/strategy game, Howl’s basic mechanics are easy to grasp, but using them effectively is the challenge. Its seemingly bite-sized puzzles are deceptive and require real thought and planning. I wish there was a little more variety in a few key areas, but Howl is a unique game that will appeal to tactical RPG fans, puzzle lovers, and medieval werewolf aficionados alike.

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Howl is a puzzle game in which planning your moves and predicting the consequences play the lion's share. Keeping enemies' reactions in mind for the next six turns can prove very challenging, although with the assisted mode or a healthy dose of trial and error you will be able to complete all sixty levels in two or three evenings. The darkly grim story, medieval setting, and distinctive graphics make this a thoroughly interesting game. Once completed there is no reason to replay it except to try to earn all the achievements, but it remains a recommended experience for lovers of this genre of games.

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HOWL from developer Mi’pu’mi Games GmbH is a narrative-driven puzzle-strategy game that brings a simple concept but a complicated gameplay design. The inclusion of a deep goal system that plays into how a player can progress in the game makes for a fun experience, while the offensive and defensive nature of its card system pleasantly complicates and compliments the gameplay. While not everything is perfect, it’s still better than expected.

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Howl combines challenging turn-based gameplay, creative visual effects, and a somber story to produce a unique strategy puzzle game. Built-in repetition and a lack of instruction do slow things down, but, taken in smaller doses, there's enough here to compel most puzzle fans through to its resolution.

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Howl's pace is a brisk whirlwind of quick turns and calculated moves. Its imagery is a charming blend of whimsy and violence, dancing across the screen with a playful ferocity. Yet, beneath this surface, a shallowness lurks. The challenge lies not in the depths of its strategy, but in the player's ability to exploit the predictable patterns of its adversaries. These creatures of the wilderness, though fierce in their appearance, are ultimately creatures of habit, their actions dictated by algorithms and predictable responses. Howl isn't a test of tactical prowess, but a puzzle of exploitation. A game of manipulation, where the gamers are mastermind puppeteers in the shadows, orchestrating the movements of their foes to their own ends.

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Overall, Howl is a fun experience. It doesn't exactly break any molds, but it's a solid strategy/puzzle game that is well put together, and it scratches the itch of something like Into the Breach, even if it lacks much replayability. The gameplay loop feels great, and the short stages mean that you don't feel bad having to restart a level multiple times to assure a good score. It's well worth giving a shot, and it's a great example of a charming, low-budget indie title.

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Howl is very good without being too complex. It’s turn-based tactical gameplay has depth, designed to satisfy fans of this genre, but is accessible enough for newcomers. And the narrative elements are strong enough to keep both groups engaged, trying to collect as much confidence and skulls to open up new options.

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