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Gothic II Complete Classic

Piranha Bytes, THQ Nordic
Nov 29, 2023 - Nintendo Switch

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The Games Machine
8 / 10
Gaming Nexus
6 / 10
Pure Nintendo
6 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
6.2 / 10
80 / 100
8 / 10
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Gothic II Complete Classic | Nintendo Switch Release Trailer

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Gothic II Complete Classic | Nintendo Switch Gameplay Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Gothic II Complete Classic

After the excellent porting work on Gothic, Gothic II also deserves the same treatment, with religious care. DLC is also added to the game package to make the entire experience even more engaging.

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Despite its flaws, Gothic II remains a fascinating relic, a testament to the ambition and innovation of early open-world RPGs. While its clunky controls, outdated mechanics, and fetch-quest-heavy narrative might not resonate with modern players, its intricate world-building, hidden secrets, and surprisingly complex player agency shine through even today. It's a game that demands patience, but rewards exploration with a sense of discovery and genuine joy in overcoming its challenges. Ultimately, Gothic II's legacy lies not in its polish but in its pioneering spirit. It helped lay the groundwork for the genre we know and love, and for that, it deserves our respect, even if I ultimately choose to leave its clunky controls and endless errands in the past.

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If you really like the action RPG genre, Gothic II Complete Classic is a decent historical entry. I found elements which engage and disappoint in equal measure. Ultimately, the frustrations overpowered the attractions, and I was just as happy to put the game away.

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Gothic 2 Complete Classic finally brings a great action RPG on Switch. You can see that the original is from 2002/2003, but beside the aged technology even the presentation is still an important contribute to an intensive atmosphere. The Switch port is a good chance for fans to experience this real classic again. Series newcomers should be aware of a relatively high difficulty level and a lack of modern comfort functions.

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There are just some eras in gaming that are tough to return to, and I’d argue this is a game from one such time

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Gothic II Complete Classic is the definitive version of the acclaimed western RPG Gothic II for Nintendo Switch. Following the structure of the first game in terms of narrative and development, Piranha Bytes offers us a much more satisfactory work that enhances the virtues of the previous game. Despite the mastery achieved in some sections, Gothic II is not free of flaws and elements that could be improved, although despite them, the Piranha Bytes game is still considered one of the greats of its genre.

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Gothic II Complete Classic is the best way to experience an all-time classic “Euro Jank” RPG out of the box without mods. The new graphic tweaks look fantastic and it has enough quality of life improvements to make it much more digestible than playing the original Gothic 2 release. Yes, the game controls are funky and you’ll die over and over again, in-game cutscenes might look daft because your character jumped on top of a chair as it triggered, and you’ll no doubt spend ages banging your head against brick walls trying to make progress. But, when it clicks, nothing hits quite like Gothic 2 and you’ll be growing dark bags under your eyes for nights as you get fully consumed by the role of the Nameless Hero. Gothic II Complete Classic is a product of its time presented in the easiest way to play it. No mods are required and you can indulge in the convenience of console or handheld with the hybrid nature of the Switch. It’s a treat for any classic RPG fan so long as you’re willing to wade through the swamp before you reach the treasure chest.

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