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Spacejacked is ranked in the 38th percentile of games scored on OpenCritic.
90 / 100
Apr 26, 2018

Spacejacked is a wonderful combination of tower defense and fast paced action. The game's hectic nature along with the necessity to plan out your defenses makes for a fun and engaging challenge. It may take some trial and error to find what works best for each player, but that's part of the fun.

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77 / 100
May 21, 2018

Similar to a classic arcade game but made better, Spacejacked is extremely addicting and delightfully frustrating.

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3.5 / 5.0
Mar 10, 2016

If nothing else, Spacejacked easily meets the most important criteria I have when reviewing games — fun. Its frantic pace, interesting take on the genre, and well-executed mechanics make for an enjoyable experience.

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3 / 10.0
Jul 6, 2020

Spacejacked turns the tower defense genre upside down and also manages to toss quite a bit of challenge into the mix. If you're looking to get your butt kicked a few times, Spacejacked is for you.

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7.5 / 10.0
Mar 21, 2016

Mega Man and tower-defence fans that don't mind a more casual experience will more than likely be happy with Spacejacked, other players may be turned off by length.

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Jordan Ryan
Top Critic
8 / 10.0
Jun 28, 2020

All told, Spacejacked is a really fun game that comes in a really neat package. The gameplay is fluid, quick, and engaging while the graphics and sound, while not perfect, are charming. This is a game that I can easily recommend to anyone who enjoys arcade-style games, tower defense, and action shooters.

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Aria DiMezzo
Top Critic
5 / 10
Mar 29, 2016

There's nothing here that stands out as good or bad, and it's more or less exactly what would be expected form the phrase "fast-paced tower defense." Obviously, this means that strategy and tactics will play a smaller role, and that's disappointing, because tactics are a big part of the appeal with such games. The graphics and music are done well, but the limited options and single-minded commitment to haste hurt this title by forcing it to be shallow. It's certainly fun and enjoyable, but it also feels like "arcade" is thrown in here as a way of saying "don't expect any depth."

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Top Critic
7 / 10
Mar 16, 2016

I went into [Spacejacked] thinking that it would be a lighthearted, fun, yet fast paced game to play casually… I never thought that in a matter of minutes it would become the one and only thing that fueled the hate fire within me

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7.6 / 10.0
Apr 28, 2018

Spacejacked is an impressive action-packed indie tower defense game that's full of delightful charm.

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7.5 / 10.0
Aug 1, 2020

Despite its simplicity, Spacejacked is an impressive and charismatic tower defense. Using different elements, from 2D platform to strategy, developer Rotten Mage managed to give personality to the game. Its high level of difficulty makes it a difficult title to recommend to everyone, but if you are a fan of frantic arcades, it will certainly be a worthwhile experience.

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Jun 20, 2020

The main story will keep you busy for around 4 hours. The first time through, it may be shorter if you’re well-versed in this type of game. The story certainly left me wanting more as I enjoyed it so much. Absolutely short, but I can see myself replaying it again. The game does offer an Endless Mode, as well as additional challenges to complete which I was very keen to dig into. Spacejacked accomplished the impossible. It convinced an oldish dude that you can mix in some tower defense gameplay and it can still be a ton of fun. If you’re looking for a nice coffee game, something you can enjoy in handheld mode with a nice warm drink, you can’t go wrong with Spacejacked. It’s funny, enjoyable, and full of little surprises. The game’s main crime, though, was that its enjoyable story was over far too soon!

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Mar 8, 2016
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