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6 / 10.0
Aug 6, 2018

While Bleed 2 offers all of these points of nostalgia, it still lacks the flourish to establish itself. It's a fun game, but it suffers from being pulled in two different directions — appealing to an older, nostalgic audience while adding new game modes and variants to keep it fresh and replayable.

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8.8 / 10.0
Apr 29, 2018

Bleed 2 is a brilliant platformer which a lot of people may not have heard of. It's core mechanics as a side-scrolling action arcade game are pulled off perfectly and the balancing of the various difficulties have been implemented with just the right amount of challenge and skill. The game never gets boring or repetitive, it's always keeping you on your toes and if you do ever tire of the well constructed seven levels, you have the random endless mode to try and master. Not to mention the inclusion of the co-op mode and the 'just for fun' unbalanced boss arenas, there is more content here than a lot of the major AAA games out there.

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7 / 10
Apr 9, 2018

Even the game knows how crazy this is stating the mode is “totally unbalanced – just for fun.” I think that sums much of the game, although the balance elsewhere is on point, Bleed 2 is simple, unadulterated fun.

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Mar 23, 2018

Bleed 2 is an absolute blast to play, and I had an amazing time with it. Other than the button set for the jump (and double and triple jump), this was a very entertaining experience that improves on everything its prequel did right. If you're a fan of Bleed than getting Bleed 2 is a no-brainer, and you're probably already playing it. But if you haven't played its prequel, Bleed 2 is definitely going to win you over.

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8 / 10.0
Mar 21, 2018

A colorful sequel that heavily improves on the original's boss fights and presentation, while also giving much-needed tweaks to its shooting precision. Sure, the depth here in Bleed 2 may seem lacking to some, but for those wanting to hone their action-platformer skills, this one is a strong recommendation.

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8 / 10
Mar 19, 2018

Bleed 2 is a master-class in how to design a sequel.

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7.5 / 10.0
Mar 17, 2018

Bleed 2 is a great action title that improves on the first game in a almost every way. It may be a short experience, but any fan of bullet-hell type shooters should check this out.

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5 / 10
Mar 15, 2018

Bleed 2 only costs $10 as of the time of writing, but even a price point discounted that heavily is a bit difficult to justify given the lack of original content.

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8.5 / 10.0
Mar 13, 2018

Bleed 2 is a very accurately named game. In many ways it could be seen as a level pack for its predecessor, but the few small changes in the design all help to make it a better experience. These kinds of short, creative games are perfect for the eShop, and if we see Bleed 3 at some point I wouldn't hesitate to pick it up.

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Sirus Gaming
Roxanne Co
8.7 / 10.0
Mar 8, 2018

One gripe I might have with the game is that a lot of the encounters from the first Bleed game are reused here. While those encounters weren’t necessarily bad, the game does feel short, although there’s definitely a lot of replayability. This is a game that’s great for picking up and putting down with no problems and is great for players looking for a quick and challenging experience. If I had to recommend a version of this game, it’d be the Switch version over PC.

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