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Sep 19, 2017 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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ECHO - The Voices

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ECHO Full Level w/ Developer Commentary

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Critic Reviews for ECHO

Echo is a marvel of A.I. programming bolstered by a compelling sci-fi storytelling, and injects new life into the stealth genre.

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I have never played another game quite like Echo before. Folks are always rallying for innovation in the industry, and I can't think of too many better examples of that in recent years. It's not all perfect, but what's there is extremely refreshing. This is not an easy game. You will die a lot. You will get angry. However, when you finally defeat your opponents, it's like sex. A huge release where, for a few small minutes, you genuinely feel like you just accomplished something. It's glorious.

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There's definitely room for ECHO to improve and expand, but it's a smashing debut nonetheless. Ultra Ultra has performed a deft balancing act here and one that carefully avoids over complicating things, much to the benefit of the player. It's far and away one of 2017's best sleeper hits and we can't wait to see what the studio has coming next.

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Echo is both fascinating and terrifying. Its ability to learn from the players moves opens the door for a future of shooters and action games full of smarter enemies.

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ECHO is a puzzle game disguised as a third-person action-adventure game.

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Echo is an example of an exceptional idea that is enough to carry a whole game. The clever use of AI creates unique challenges, but the lack of environmental changes and same enemy type throughout means that it does slightly out-stay its welcome.

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ECHO is a game with a singular gameplay mechanic that it delivers on with precision. Its setting is a spectacle, and its plot is well-developed despite some slight details that feel glossed over and an ending that barely wraps everything up. Those looking to invest a little time into one of the more unique and stylish titles of the year will find a great experience. If you're hoping to spend a bit more than eight hours into ECHO, there aren't additional gameplay modes, but the option for increased difficulties unlocks after the first playthrough, and there are plenty of collectibles available to keep the avid achievement hunter busy for a while longer.

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Conceptually fascinating and visually stunning, Echo runs out of steam the longer it overstays its welcome, beginning to feel like an echo of itself before long. A slow start, punitive checkpoints, and analogous environments lead further encounters to feel like running the same old gauntlet, which is disappointing, given the potential of this novel concept. The unique strategic gameplay of enemies learning from you reverberated throughout, but so did everything else. I really enjoyed Echo, but like a song played on repeat, I could only suffer so much repetition before it began to lose me.

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