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Available on:PCMar 1, 2018

Developers: Rebellion, Big Boat Interactive

Genres: Action, Strategy

Once arch enemies, the US and Russia abandon their space race and unite their forces in the face of impending alien attack. Combining to form the elite International Space Defence Force, they recruit you to help lead resistance, before total devastation is unleashed on the human race. The solar system is at war. Take command. Battlezone: Combat Commander remasters FPS-RTS classic Battlezone II with slick new visuals, brand new achievements, Steam Workshop support and much more! Fight across 24 intense missions, over 6 exotic living worlds, scavenging the battlefield for crucial bio-metal used to create powerful units, towering defenses, and vital facilities. COMMAND A BATTALION Control of over 30 unique unit types, from lethal tanks and tough ground units, to towering walkers and relentless air-support, and face off against the enemy in intense first-person combat. ADVANCED AI Units learn and improve as they gain combat experience - new units fight like recruits, while experienced units are a lot more effective in combat, using strafing manoeuvres, choosing weapons to suit the situation, or even retreating when necessary. REMASTERED VISUALS Experience Battlezone: Combat Commander like never before, with an all new DX11 renderer, shader based rendering, and a completely retextured and upscaled terrain. GO HEAD TO HEAD Invite your friends for a cross-play multiplayer experience, including the classic Deathmatch mode, and a co-operative mode ‘MPI’ where players must work together to win by managing their offence, defence, and scrap collection. MOD SUPPORT Enjoy unique community generated content with support for mods, such as new singleplayer and multiplayer map mods, new vehicles, HUDs, assets, custom scripts and much more.

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Metro GameCentral

8 / 10
Metro GameCentral

An excellent remaster of an unappreciated classic from the PC's golden age, whose unique mix of genres seems more novel than ever.

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Battlezone: Combat Commander is a relic of its time. It's clear this is a love letter to fans of the original, a nicer way to play a game plagued with some unfortunate problems back when it was released. A.I. is okay. The story takes a while to get going. Some of the mechanics are clunky, and the presentation is basic apart from improved unit models and environments. Even though it wasn't quite as unique for its time as its reputation might claim, it has a level of complexity and strategy present that's not shared by its predecessors and very much stands tall, even today. I found it an enjoyable romp and feel it is definitely worth a look for RTS fans who want to try something a little different.

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Just like Rogue Trooper Redux and the recent Age of Empires remaster, the focus has been almost entirely on upgrading visuals instead of the gameplay. As a result, Battlezone: Combat Commander still feels like a game released nearly 20 years ago.

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Battlezone: Combat Commander is a Wing Commander-like experience in a tank. It features a neat story, updated graphics, and some gameplay that might not quite achieve the longevity of entertainment that it desires. It does contain some interesting features to try and keep the gamer engaged, but depending on expectations of the gamer will equal out to whether that engagement holds up.

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What is Battlezone: Combat Commander?

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